Hey readers,

Due to personal reasons, I'm going to be dropping this series in the near future. I'm sorry. Thank you for enjoying this work and my translation for all this time.

I actually began translating this series almost a year ago. Upon its release, I was absolutely shocked at the amount of positive feedback it received. I wasn't a huge fan of this novel when I first chose it. As a matter of fact, I only chose this novel because it was the "least worst option" out of the list I was given. I chose it for a shallow reason. I didn't feel love in my work and I didn't think you would either. 

The complete opposite was what happened. While I wouldn't say this novel is popular, the amount of positive feedback it got is, at least in my opinion, unheard of. As a testament to that, I'm exceedingly proud to report that it's maintained 100% positive reviews until very recently-- up to 65 reviews! A remarkable feat indeed. It's blown some passion and motivation in me when I needed it the most. Thank you very much. 

Moving on, I'd like to express my thanks towards my translation team. They've worked incredibly hard to keep the releases of this novel consistent. They've all gone above and beyond my expectations to keep the quality of this series as high as it could be. 

Starting off, Advy, the editor. He's stayed with my works for quite some time and I haven't at all given him the amount of recognition he deserves. He was the one who corrected the big mistakes in each of the chapters. He expanded the vocabulary of the series, got rid of excessive punctuation, and reminded me of my constant room for improvement. Thank you for beating my ass when I needed it. 

Second, Sumguy, the proofreader. He fixed the mistakes that Advy missed and corrected both of us when we were wrong. Thank you very much, friend.

Third, Yabaibunni, the posteer. She was the one who posted the chapters on Wuxiaworld in my stead. She dealt with the many, many technological challenges that the backend presented her with. Thanks!

Lastly, Awawawaart, a good friend. He was the one who drew the illustrations that you can find on the chapters of this novel. You'll be able to find all of them in order here. He really truly beat my expectations and delivered some amazing art pieces. Thank you so much for your work. 

From Chapter 219 onwards, "Life, Once Again!" will be translated by Chamber. You may recognize him as the translator of "Everyone Else is a Returnee". He is a very capable translator. Perhaps even more so than me. You should have no issues getting used to the subtle differences between our writing styles. 

It's been an interesting year with a lot of ups and downs. Lots of things happened, but I can confidently say that one of the better events was the release of this novel. Perhaps I can even say this is the second best novel I've ever translated-- the first, of course, being Invisible Dragon. 


P.S. I'll still be alive in the wuxiaworld discord chat until Chapter 218 releases. If you want to chat, I'll be there!