Chapter 56 - Acknowledgement

As soon as they entered the private lounge and Sheng Jiaoyang had closed the door behind them, Lina started scrutinising her.

“Shoot! What do you want to say to me?” Lina calmly asked.

Seeing Lina like this, Sheng Jiaoyang decided not to reveal her identity yet. Instead, mimicking Wang Wei’s exaggerated tone, she said, “Lina, I really like you a lot. I’m a loyal fan of yours.”

“In that case, take off your clothes!”

As she said this, Lina’s expression remained indifferent.


“Didn’t you ask for my autograph earlier? You were the one who wanted me to sign it on your body, right?” At this instant, a trace of mockery flashed across Lina’s eyes.

Looks like she’d overdone it…

Sheng Jiaoyang faintly smiled.

Seeing this, Lina’s expression darkened a few shades. Just when she was about to get angry, Sheng Jiaoyang abruptly called out, “Mei Niu!”

Hearing this, Lina trembled all over and frowned at the unfamiliar girl standing in front of her.

“Shocked to hear this? You must be...

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