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by KTLChamber

Hello, Chamber here.

For those that don't know me... I am a newbie translator with a measly ~800 chapters of translation experience.

Lol jokes aside,

As many of you probably noticed, the letter from the author was posted (and translated) by me, not ensj, and translator's thoughts changed to my name.

Some early access readers have already read my translations, too

I'll be taking over Life, Once Again! starting chapter 219 (aka today's chapter). I guess this is my official introduction to WuxiaWorld. Please take care of me!

My opinion on this novel is...

"I just want the fluff"

by KTLChamber

Hello, everyone! We have a letter from the author of Life, Once Again!; Wise Dragon (어진용) himself!

「Greetings, everyone. I am Wise Dragon, a writer in Korea.

I am surprised that Life, Once Again! is being translated into English in the first place, and now you're surprising me again with all the positive feedback.

I am very curious as to what kind of nuance the writing of the English translations of Life, Once Again! has in the perspective of an English reader.

It must be better than the original work since it's been through an exceptional translator's hands, right? I believe so.

I hope that you, as readers, enjoy yourselves as you read the novel until the very last chapter. It might be funny, or perhaps annoying at times, but I hope that you can silently smile to yourself when you finish the book.

Also, I had a look at the fan arts as well. I get surprised whenever I see them. That's because the illustrator depicts the characters into shapes and colors, bringing them to life. That's something I, with my crude imagination,...

by KTLChamber

Hey readers,

Due to personal reasons, I'm going to be dropping this series in the near future. I'm sorry. Thank you for enjoying this work and my translation for all this time.

I actually began translating this series almost a year ago. Upon its release, I was absolutely shocked at the amount of positive feedback it received. I wasn't a huge fan of this novel when I first chose it. As a matter of fact, I only chose this novel because it was the "least worst option" out of the list I was given. I chose it for a shallow reason. I didn't feel love in my work and I didn't think you would either. 

The complete opposite was what happened. While I wouldn't say this novel is popular, the amount of positive feedback it got is, at least in my opinion, unheard of. As a testament to that, I'm exceedingly proud to report that it's maintained 100% positive reviews until very recently-- up to 65 reviews! A remarkable feat indeed. It's blown some passion and motivation in me when I needed it the most. Thank you very much. 


by ensj

There weren't as many people participating as I expected, so I decided to give discord nitro to all 6 people who gave me their tags. 

Congratulations to:

- SicaiiNPC

- Lirvothe2

- johnsneo

- meowie1912

- Wiger98

- oppai_is_justice

Thanks for reading! PM me on discord if you missed your prize.

EDIT: meowie1912, discord tells me you don't accept friend requests. Please contact ensj#2813 yourself to claim your prize.

by ensj

Hey readers,

We're 1 chapter away from hitting chapter 100, so I thought this would be a good time to celebrate! When chapter 100 drops, I'd like to see comments from you guys about not only your impressions on the current chapter, but also a single event in the novel that really stuck out to you so far. I'll be picking out three users at random and will be gifting them with a month of discord nitro! If you're interested in participating, either leave your discord tag on the comment as well or send me a private message on discord with your wuxiaworld username, so that I can track your comment. 

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I've also commissioned a very good friend of mine some fanart for this novel-- checkout @awawawaart on twitter if you like the art! 

In the streets, a cold wind blew. A small store could be seen under the blinking lights. In front of the lights was a small table, and in front of that, a young man passed by. 

The young man had one hand in his pocket, and his other fiddling with the phone. Under the blinking...

by ensj

Hey, my novel, "Life, Once Again!" is live. There's currently 10 chapters with more to come soon. If you're feeling bored out of your mind from the quarantine, now might be a good time to try it

by ensj