Chapter 62 - The Law of Attraction

The man Sheng Jiaoyang took down quickly lodged a complaint.

She was called into the little back room for a talk.

"Why did you hit him for no reason?" Yu Jing asked.

"He started it." Sheng Jiaoyang's face was calm.

The room didn't have any security cameras, so there wasn't any evidence on who started it first.

In any case, the one that had been thrown and almost received a fracture was that middle-aged man.

"Do you know the consequences for doing that?"

"Getting blacklisted?" Sheng Jiaoyang raised a brow.

"If you knew, then why did you still do it?" Yu Jing suddenly felt a headache coming on.

Sheng Jiaoyang leaned back on her chair and raised her chin as she replied lazily, "If he wants to blacklist me in the industry, then let him."

"Are you planning to go back to studying after the competition's over?"


Yu Jing thought that if she had a daughter who wasn’t attentive to anything, she’d have certainly sent her daughter away to the mountains to experience the lifestyle of other poor children and the sufferings of the world.

It's such a good opportunity, yet she's actually not grabbing it? If you only wanted to study, then what were you doing joining a modelling competition? Did your brain short circuit?

"Whatever, you can leave!" Yu Jing waved her hand as if she were shooing away a housefly.

Sheng Jiaoyang got up and slowly left the room.

When she returned to the neighbouring apartment building, the first thing she saw was Luo Yi and Xiao Yang making a toast. A big smile was on Xiao Yang's face, as if something exciting had just happened.

"Why are you so happy?" Sheng Jiaoyang asked as she walked over.

"Jiaojiao, hurry and come toast Xiao Yang. She just got signed to a management company and today marks her official beginning." Luo Yi beckoned Sheng Jiaoyang over.

"Is it called Supermodel Management Company?"

"You know about it? Did you also get signed on?" Xiao Yang suddenly didn't feel as happy. She thought she was the only one that had been signed.

"I didn't."

Luo Yi asked curiously, "Why didn't you sign? There's a lot of benefits, and it's hard to find work as a freelancer."

Xiao Yang also looked at Sheng Jiaoyang.

"I'm starting university in September." Sheng Jiaoyang shrugged, her face uncaring.

“Oh!” The two suddenly understood.

"Signing to a management company won't actually conflict with studying though. You can tell the company to arrange it," Luo Yi said.

"But, what if some of their arrangements do conflict with my studies? At that point, do you still have a choice?" Sheng Jiaoyang shook her head and turned towards Xiao Yang. "How long have you signed for?"

Xiao Yang hesitated before replying, "Five years."

"Do you know about the company?"

"I asked Mr. Zhuo, and he said that it was a pretty big domestic modelling company," Xiao Yang answered.

Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and didn't ask further. That manager earlier had given her a bad feeling, and since she was wearing contact lenses, she saw all of his expressions. Furthermore, she’d never wanted to sign with a modelling company from the beginning.

Later that night, Yu Jing spoke to them. Their flights back to China were already booked early in the morning for the day after tomorrow, and she wanted to know if there was anywhere they wanted to go so the staff could bring them.

"London Tower Bridge!"

"Big Ben!"

"Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum!"

"Buckingham Palace!"

"Wait a moment, we can only go to three of them!" Yu Jing interrupted the two excited girls.

"I want to go to the London Tower Bridge the most," Luo Yi declared.

"I want to go to all of them, but since I can only choose one, then I'll pick Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum!" Xiao Yang exclaimed.

"What about you?" Everybody stared at Sheng Jiaoyang.

She couldn't say that she's already been to all of them, right?

"Can I choose to not go anywhere?"

"No way!"

"Then, whatever those two want."

Early the next morning, Sheng Jiaoyang followed the team to tour around the London Tower Bridge. They then went to the glass passage over the bridge and watched for a while before heading to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

When they arrived, the Wax Museum seemed to be having an unveiling ceremony for a new wax sculpture.

"I wonder who she is? She seems old enough to be my grandma." Luo Yi's face was filled with surprise as they watched the unveiling ceremony.

The lady in the front of the room had a friendly smile and greying hair by her temples. However, all of her hair was pulled into a meticulously combed hairstyle that didn't have a single strand out of place. Although it was clear that she took very good care of herself, it still couldn't prevent the years from leaving traces on her skin. She didn't seem young, at least around seventy years old.

Why did her back seem so familiar? The tips of Sheng Jiaoyang’s brows raised in speculation.

She wanted to move to another angle to see who it was, but the area was so full of people that it was hard to even move a step.

At this moment, the wax sculpture was suddenly revealed.

"Grandma Andy?" Sheng Jiaoyang was startled.

"You know her?" The one standing the closest, Luo Yi, looked at her curiously.

Sheng Jiaoyang restrained the astonishment on her face and used a scientific tone to say, "She's called Andy- Fu Lailin…she’s the founder and chief designer of the jewellery brand, Flynn. She previously designed a set of jewellery for the Queen, and she’s partaken in a lot of philanthropic activities in the past few decades.”

"Jiaojiao, where do you learn these things?" Luo Yi sighed with shock.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't reply and continued to watch. Lady Fu Lailin was still talking with the person in charge of the Wax Museum.

It wasn't strange for her to recognise Andy. Almost every year, she would accompany her grandfather to give their well wishes to his old friend, Grandfather Shen, and Grandmother Andy was his faithful wife. Although Grandmother Andy was pure-blooded German, she was a huge fan of China. She’d liked China's culture since she was small, and in the end, she’d married the penniless but entrepreneurial Grandfather Shen who started from nothing.

Although Grandmother Andy wasn't a family friend, she was still a woman that Sheng Jiaoyang admired the most. She also wished that she could one day be an independent woman that always strived for self improvement like Fu Lailin.

Nobody's success came out of thin air. If you want success, then you first had to pay an equal price in labor and perseverance. For example, Lina didn't become so famous at the young age of twenty because of luck. She’d set her goal at a young age and was constantly working hard to reach it.

So, to be successful early, you need to put in the work as early as possible.

Effort doesn't guarantee success, but you’ll never succeed without effort.

"Let's go!" Luo Yi pulled on the day dreaming Sheng Jiaoyang.

"You guys go in first, I want to take a picture with Grandmother Andy," Sheng Jiaoyang said.

"Okay, come and find us later then."

Sheng Jiaoyang squeezed through the crowd before finally reaching the wall of bodyguards. She waved excitedly at Fu Lailin like a young fan.

"Grandmother Andy, I really like you. Can I take a picture with you?" she shouted in Mandarin. It wouldn't be hard for a native Chinese fan to catch the Mandarin over the cloud of English.

Lady Fu Lailin heard her and glanced over to see a short haired girl whose eyes were shining with vivid admiration. Fu Lailin smiled and waved to the bodyguards, signalling them to let her through.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled widely. Apart from when Mei Niu had recognised her, this was the happiest she’d been since the accident. Grandmother Andy had always treated her especially well and would design her a special jewellery collection for her birthday every year. Ah, only, the present was always sent by Grandmother Andy's grandson; Shen Zhining.

This was the time she felt the most conflicted. On one hand, she was excited to receive Grandmother Andy's personally designed jewellery, but on the other hand, she really didn't want to see the person bringing the gift.

If Grandmother Andy is here, could Demon King Shen also be here?

The thought flashed by and disappeared as Sheng Jiaoyang ran in front of Fu Lailin excitedly.

"Grandmother Andy, can I stand between you and the wax sculpture?" Her eyes gleamed, filled with anticipation.

Fu Lailin nodded kindly and called her assistant to take a picture for them.

Sheng Jiaoyang was actually really happy after taking the picture. She was the first to take a group picture with Grandmother Andy and her wax sculpture.

"Young Miss, what's your name?" Fu Lailin asked, her voice friendly.

"I'm called Jiaojiao."

Fu Lailin was startled for a second before immediately regaining her smile. "What a coincidence, my granddaughter is also called Jiaojiao."

Her reply shocked Sheng Jiaoyang into silence. She didn't need to guess. She knew that the granddaughter Grandmother Andy was talking about was her. Right now, she was truly moved.

Her head spun for words, trying to tactfully get news about her grandfather from Grandmother Andy when she suddenly saw Grandmother Andy smile and wave to somebody behind her.

"A'Ning, come here."

Sheng Jiaoyang subconsciously turned around only to see a group of bodyguards parting the way for a man.

Sure enough, speak of the devil, and the devil shall arrive…

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