Chapter 57 - A Familiar Stranger

The contestants found that Lina treated them a lot gentler when she coached them that afternoon. Even when they asked annoying questions at times, she didn’t get upset, making them feel flattered.

Lina’s change of attitude was even more obvious to the staff that worked with her.

The change only came about after Xu Jiaojiao had asked for her autograph, making everybody curious about what she’d done to make Lina so happy in the lounge. If they were in her place, they couldn’t think of any way to make Lina’s mood change so much in less than ten minutes.

Even Lina’s assistant, Sudan, was very confused. As Lina’s assistant, she couldn’t be any clearer about Lina’s terrible mood these days. But, after being alone with that girl for a little while, Lina’s mood suddenly improved. Lina had even called her to buy some small desserts to share with the group.

Xu Jiaojiao is really something else! Sudan thought silently.

When the snacks they’d ordered arrived, the contestants were still thinking about Lina’s sudden mood change.

“You all worked hard. Come and eat first.” Lina clapped her hands to...

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