Chapter 345 - It Has Only Just Begun

“Daisy, I thought you invited me to attend a bachelorette party.”

When Sheng Jiaoyang entered the presidential suite, she realised that there was nobody else in the room and that there were no decorations. The place looked completely unlike a party. Puzzled by Daisy’s invite, Sheng Jiaoyang gave her a strange look.

Daisy walked to the bar and grabbed a bottle of red wine. Then, she poured two cups out, before pushing one of them to Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang sat on the barstool and accepted the glass of wine, “Is it just the two of us tonight?”

“Yep. I didn’t call anybody else,” Daisy said.

It really was just the two of them. Sheng Jiaoyang found this strange, and so she asked Daisy, “Why?”

Daisy swirled her glass and watched the ripples on the surface of the wine as she said gloomily, “After the incident with my family, I lost all my friends.”

She didn’t have a good temper, so all the friends she had before only befriended her for money. After the incident with her family, they not only refused to help her, but they even wanted to beat her into the mud while she was down.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Daisy and felt a trace of sympathy. However, she knew that Daisy didn’t want any sympathy so she just said with a smile, “Am I the only one who is experiencing déjà vu here?”

Her question caught Daisy’s attention. After thinking about it, she recalled the moment when they had once sat opposite each other, face to face, while drinking together. However, at that time, they were still love rivals.

A relaxed smile appeared on Daisy’s face, and she asked Sheng Jiaoyang, “Why did you help me in the mall? In the past, I even let Felicia and the others hurt you…”

“No reason, I just wanted to avenge myself and get them to repay their debts to me. Since you weren't part of their plan, I wouldn’t place the blame on you, even if you didn’t have any good intentions at the start.” Sheng Jiaoyang shrugged indifferently.

Daisy raised her cup, and apologised with a sincere voice, “I’m sorry.”

“You have already apologised.” Sheng Jiaoyang clinked her glass against Daisy’s.

“Thank you for being my Maid of Honor.”

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed and said, “Stop being so courteous if you consider us friends.”

Daisy nodded.

“Since we’re friends, you don’t need to be so polite. You’re going to get married tomorrow, are you nervous?”

“A bit.”

Sheng Jiaoyang reached out to pat Daisy’s arm. “It’s normal to be nervous. Prince Wight really loves you, so you’ll definitely be happy.”

Daisy fell silent and looked as if she was slightly worried about the future.

“What’s there to be anxious about? Look, he’s even willing to help repay your family’s debt. He’ll definitely treat you amazingly in the future.” Sheng Jiaoyang could see that Daisy was concerned, so she comforted her.

“I’m not afraid that he won’t treat me well. Rather, I’m just afraid that I’ll let him down,” Daisy said.

“Don’t tell me… your love for Prince Wight isn’t sincere?”

“No, my feelings for him are sincere and I have feelings for him, but I don’t know if I really love him or not. I only know I would like to be with him.”

“Even though you don’t love him now, you can try your hardest to love him, starting from tomorrow.”

Daisy was still worried, “I”m afraid he’ll be disappointed when he finds out I don’t truly love him.”

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed, “Since you’re so worried, how could you say you only like him? Alright, don’t overthink it, you probably just have premarital anxiety, so you can’t help but feel apprehensive. Look forward to the future! After getting married, you and the Prince would get a cute little baby. Your adorable baby would call you Mama, and you can watch him grow up, little by little… Think about how beautiful it’ll be, and you won’t feel so worried.”

Daisy stared at Sheng Jiaoyang.

“What?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked when she saw that Daisy was remaining silent.

“No wonder Zhining likes you. You're very genuine and likeable,” Daisy said.

“I also like you! We’re probably a perfect example of enemies turning into friends. Come, let’s toast to our friendship!” This time, Sheng Jiaoyang raised her cup.

“No, we should be toasting for our sisterhood!” Daisy toasted.

“Cheers!” The two drank together.

At five in the morning, before the sun’s rays had even lit up the skies, everybody was already up and busy.

Daisy was surrounded by a group of makeup artists who helped her into her dress and helped her put on immaculate makeup. She stood still like a marionette, allowing everyone to decorate her.

Sheng Jiaoyang was Daisy’s only bridesmaid, and she also enjoyed the same treatment.

This wedding was naturally different from Lina’s wedding. After all, Wight was part of the royal family. Hence, many influential people with high social status attended the dinner feast.

Thankfully, due to her upbringing in a wealthy family, Daisy wasn’t intimidated by the atmosphere at all. When it was almost time for the ceremony, Daisy even went to comfort Sheng Jiaoyang, as she was worried that Sheng Jiaoyang wouldn’t be used to big scenes like these. But when she saw that Sheng Jiaoyang was even calmer than her, Daisy realised that she did not need to comfort her.

Since Sheng Jiaoyang was the only bridesmaid, Prince Wight naturally couldn’t have too many groomsmen, or it would look unbalanced. Thus, he only brought Shen Zhining along as his best man.

One of the events at the wedding ceremony was the delivery of wedding rings. For this part of the wedding, the bridesmaid and best man had to take the bride and groom’s wedding rings and deliver them to the bride and groom once they were done swearing their wedding oath in front of the priest.

Sheng Jiaoyang subtly felt her heart beat faster when she saw Wight and Daisy exchange and put on the wedding rings for each other. At that moment, she couldn’t help but turn around to look at Shen Zhining, only to find that he was coincidentally staring back at her too.

Shen Zhining’s gaze was soft and loving, and it reminded her of the time when they got engaged in the church.

As she watched Wight and Daisy kiss, the thought of getting married popped up in Sheng Jiaoyang’s head.

During the banquet, Sheng Jiaoyang unexpectedly caught sight of Felicia, Fendi, and Adeline.

She originally thought that they wouldn’t be invited to the wedding ceremony, so she didn’t expect to see the three of them here.

Felicia and the others had spotted Sheng Jiaoyang long ago. When she was alone, they approached her and asked, “When did your relationship with Daisy become that good?” Adeline clearly recognized Sheng Jiaoyang. She remembered that, during Jarrett Ben Chilwestin’s private party, the two were on opposing sides.

Felicia’s expression didn’t look good either. “You helped Daisy once, so now she treats you as a friend? Daisy is such a fool.”

“I’d say that Daisy doesn’t even attach importance to Prince Wight. How could she casually invite a bridesmaid like her? If it was up to me, I would’ve at least invited someone who had sufficient prestige and status to go up on stage and be the bridesmaid.” Fendi puffed up her red and plump lips, and it was clear that she was looking at her in disdain.

However, Sheng Jiaoyang wasn’t someone who was easily bullied. She sneered and retaliated, “You all are speaking as if you’re better than me. Don’t forget that you guys are the type of people to carry drugs on you. If others find out, how do you think they’ll view you guys?”

“B*tch!” Fendi raised her hand and tried to slap Sheng Jiaoyang, but Sheng Jiaoyang blocked her blow with the hand that was holding a wine glass. As a result, the wine in the glass splashed on Fendi and left her face stained with wine.

“Ah!!” Fendi shrieked, not just because she was splashed with wine on her face, but also because of the pain of hitting the wineglass.

The reason for Fendi’s impulsive behavior had to do with the previous incident when she and Felicia called people to teach Jiaojiao a lesson. After that happened, she was grounded by her father, and her allowance was taken away. She only got a chance to get out of the house because of the wedding invite, but then she saw the culprit who got her grounded. Then, the culprit mocked her, and she couldn’t hold back her rage anymore.

When Felicia and Adeline saw this scene, they were left dumbstruck. Only after Fendi called them over to help her teach Jiaojiao a lesson, did they snap out of it and walk over to help her.

“What are you guys doing?” a voice rang out.

Prince Wight and Daisy, who were supposed to be toasting the guests, walked over.

“Daisy, look at your bridesmaid. She poured wine on me!” Fendi said with a shrill voice, clearly on the verge of losing her mind. All she knew was that she had just been publicly embarrassed, and even without looking at a mirror, she could tell how badly she looked with the wine stains and her ruined makeup.

Sheng Jiaoyang was about to open her mouth to retort, as she clearly did not want to take the blame. However, when she saw the look in Daisy’s eyes, she just raised her eyebrows and didn’t hurry to explain herself.

“Daisy, how can you invite her to be your bridesmaid? She’s an insignificant person and she will only drag your status down!” Felicia said to Daisy.

“That’s right, Daisy. You can do what you like if it only concerns you, but you should be mindful of Prince Wight’s reputation when making decisions.” Adeline gloated, clearly pleased by the spectacle currently taking place.

Daisy waited for the three of them to finish with their complaints before revealing a smile. Then, she walked over elegantly, wine glass in hand. Under everyone’s gaze, she dumped the wine onto Fendi’s head.

Fendi didn’t expect this at all, and she was left completely dumbstruck.

“I also dare to pour wine on you. What are you going to do about it?” Daisy slightly bent over and whispered in Fendi’s ears.

“Ah!!!” Fendi shrieked again, and she instinctively raised her hand in an attempt to slap Daisy.

However, Daisy was obviously prepared for her retaliation, so how could she allow herself to be slapped by Fendi? She grabbed Fendi's hand tightly and then dug her nails into her skin. Fendi shrieked out loud again, this time in pain.

Daisy returned to Prince Wight’s side and leaned against him. Then, she said, “Darling, I don’t want to see them anymore.”

Prince Wight pampered her by saying, “Okay, then we won’t invite them to any of our future banquets.”

“Everything is just a misunderstanding. We…” Felicia attempted to explain, but Daisy cut her off and said, “From now on, I don’t want to see them anymore!”

Prince Wight, who was solely focused on pampering his wife, immediately called people over to ‘invite’ the three of them out the door.

Pleased, Daisy smiled and winked at Sheng Jiaoyang before she told herself silently, “This is just the start!”

Sheng Jiaoyang returned a smile before she turned to see Shen Zhining, who was rushing over after abandoning his previous conversation with one of the guests.

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