Chapter 328 - How an Idiot Courted Death

“That person who walked past earlier was really Xu Jiaojiao!”

“If I ask her for her autograph, would she think that I’m unprofessional?”

“Is she really President Sheng’s daughter? If not, why would President Sheng leave all his inheritance to her?”

“I’m guessing her mother must be President Sheng’s true love!”

Everyone in the office was suddenly overwhelmed by Sheng Jiaoyang’s appearance.

Currently, there was a huge uproar on the internet, with lots of hateful comments and criticisms. However, since Xu Jiaojiao was a celebrity that could attend the birthday party of a country’s prince, she was still considered to be special even if she was not the Movie Goddess or the Best Actress.

When everyone was still in a heated discussion, they suddenly spotted two policemen walking over.

“Eh? What’s happening?”

“I heard from the finance department that Junior President Sheng had created a huge mess.”

What do you mean by Junior President Sheng? He was just President Sheng’s nephew, and he has already left the company. He hasn’t shown up for the past few days.”

“Could he have escaped after embezzling company funds?”

“I’m not sure what happened exactly, but it’s definitely money related.”

Just when everyone was wildly speculating, a line of people walked past the window.

“Hey hey, why did the goddess leave?”

Right then, the department manager came in and coughed when he saw that everyone was looking out the window.

“What are you lot doing?”

“Boss, why did my goddess leave?” One of the male employees, who usually had quite a good relationship with the manager, asked.

“Who’s your goddess?” the manager questioned back.

“Xu Jiaojiao!”

The manager said with a straight face, “From today onwards, you’ll have to address her as chairman.”

“Wow, my goddess has become our company’s chairman? That’s awesome! Doesn’t that mean that I will be able to see her every day?” the young male employee said with a dreamy expression.

“Another thing. Deputy Director Cao Jian has been promoted to Director,” the manager added.

“Lately, Deputy Director Cao has been managing the company. Hence, his promotion doesn’t really affect us.”

The manager looked at the male employee and asked, “Do you know what his promotion means?”

The male employee was stumped, “Boss, your question is quite weird. Why does it matter to us? It wasn’t us who got promoted.”

“It means that your hopes of getting to see your goddess daily have become a bubble.” After crushing his dreams, the manager felt refreshed and returned to his office.

“Why?” The male employee felt even more bewildered.

A female employee beside him shot him a look of contempt, “Are you a fool or what? Since Deputy Director Cao became the director, the company would definitely be managed by him. Why would the chairman even be here every day? At most, she would only appear a few times in a year.”

“That’s true, she’s a popular celebrity. Where would she find the time and effort to manage the company? Plus, she’s not familiar with our company’s industry, and she’s not a management professional. It’d be better for her to promote someone who can manage the company well. Director Cao is one of the pioneers of the company. He’s the best choice.”

The male employee, who was initially happy at the thought of being able to see his goddess every day, was suddenly dumbfounded.

After Sheng Jiaoyang left the company, she headed to the mansion that Sheng Xun had left for her. She was not joking when she gave the Sheng Family a three-day deadline to move out.

However, some people were just utterly shameless. Apart from the Sheng Family’s Second Brother and his family, who was living in a rented apartment near Sheng Jia’s school, the rest of the Sheng Family still regarded this place as their home.

When Sheng Jiaoyang entered the mansion, what greeted her was the sight of Sheng Yi, lazing on the sofa and enjoying a leg massage from the housekeeper. The comfortable pose he was in really made people want to give him a tough beating.

The Sheng elders and their oldest son turned a blind eye to the scene, as they were relaxing on the other sofas.

Even though the TV was blaring loudly, the people who were sitting on the sofas could still hear the sound of footsteps, as there were simply too many people walking into the house. Hence, the Sheng Family members turned around to look at the door in unison.

When they saw Sheng Jiaoyang standing before them, with numerous bodyguards lined up behind her in two orderly lines, their faces changed greatly.

They did not expect that she would abide by her deadline of three days. No more or no less.

“Why are you here?” Grandmother Sheng shot Sheng Jiaoyang an angry look.

Sheng Jiaoyang smirked, “The elderly tend to forget things easily. I’m the owner of this building. So naturally, I’m here to get back what is rightfully mine before someone dirty tarnishes my stuff.”

“Are you implying that we are dirty? Xu Jiaojiao, be mindful of your words!” Sheng Yi looked as if he was ready to start a fight, but with the number of highly trained security guards standing around, how would he dare to take action?

“Did I say anything wrong? After all, don’t you all like to steal things that aren’t yours?” Sheng Jiaoyang derided Sheng Yi.

“Nonsense! What have we stolen?” The Sheng Family’s Eldest Brother also wanted to pick a fight, but did not have the courage to do so.

Sheng Jiaoyang snorted, “You’ll have to ask your son then.”

A brief hint of surprise flashed across Sheng Yi’s eyes. Although he knew what Sheng Jiaoyang was referring to, he was surprised that she only came looking for him after such a long time.

“What are you talking about? What did my son do? Recently, all he has been doing is obediently accompany the elders at home. What did he do?” the Sheng Family’s Eldest Brother questioned in a voice full of discontent.

“Sheng Yi, you colluded with a dummy company and swindled us out of 10 million dollars! You still dare to lounge around at home? Are you aware of the sentence for committing fraud? It’s over 10 years of jail time!” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Sheng Yi as if he was an idiot who was dead to her.

“What?” The elders were shocked.

Sheng Yi panicked for a moment, but he quickly recalled something and calmed down. Then, he said, “How is what I am doing considered fraud? I’m helping the company to earn money. I will return the full sum in one month, with added interest!” A smile crept up his face, as he thought about how he had earned a million commission just by investing that sum of money.

The remaining three members of the Sheng Family started relaxing when they saw how dismissive and confident Sheng Yi looked. Then, Sheng Jiaoyang gave an angry chuckle, and with forceful emphasis behind each word, she said, “Do you know what I meant by a dummy company?”

The smile on Sheng Yi’s face slowly disappeared as an ominous feeling grew within him.

“That legal representative of Glorious Investment Corp. has already fled the country with all the funds. You, as his accomplice, will soon shoulder all the responsibility for this case. Today, the public security bureau has officially filed the case,” Sheng Jiaoyang added.

“No…no way! That’s impossible!” Sheng Yi fell onto the sofa in disbelief.

The other three members of the Sheng Family were left in a state of shock as well. Sheng Yi was the only male descendant of their family. He would be ruined if he had to serve out a 10-year imprisonment sentence over this.

“You can contact that person if you don’t believe me. I won’t ask you to shoulder the responsibility if you can still contact him.”

Sheng Yi picked up his phone hurriedly and dialed a number. It was not an exaggeration to say that his face was turning paler with every passing second. Finally, the voice of the phone operator informed him that the number could not be reached.

The other three members of the Sheng Family, who initially had faces full of anticipation, were now feeling deathly afraid.

Sheng Jiaoyang chuckled and sneered, “If you hadn’t come up with such schemes, you could still live off the retirement funds that Sheng Xun had left for his parents. All you needed to do was to return to your old residence and remain a parasite for a few more decades. But you’ve really enlightened me, now I learnt how a fool kills themselves.”

“Xu Jiaojiao, no, Jiaojiao, let our Sheng Yi off this once. Please, I beg you.” Grandmother Sheng walked up, but was stopped by the security guards when she was a meter away from Sheng Jiaoyang.

The Sheng Family’s Eldest Brother walked up and begged her as well, “We are all family. Even if there are conflicts, blood is thicker than water. Sheng Yi was scammed too, and he only did this out of goodwill. Won’t you please let him off on account that he’s your cousin?”

What a drastic change in their attitudes.

“Who says I am a part of your family? How can I be in the same family as someone who likes to do such foolish things?” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at them scornfully.

Just then, a humming sound could be heard coming from outside. Sheng Yi’s mother walked in while happily counting the wad of cash in her hands. Without looking up, she asked, “Why didn’t you close the door? Guess how much I’ve won today?”

As she did not get any response, she lifted her head up, and was scared out of her wits by the scene she saw.

“Xu Jiaojiao, why are you here again?” The Sheng Family’s Eldest Sister-in-law immediately became defensive. She rushed to the grandmother’s side and looked vigilantly at Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Ma Qin, Sheng Yi got into a mess.” The Sheng Family’s Eldest Brother tugged at his wife.

The expression on Ma Qin’s face changed from wary to worry, and she turned to look at Sheng Yi, who was still dazed. Finally, she realized that something was wrong. She hurriedly asked, “What mess did Sheng Yi get into?”

“Xiao Yi…”

Sheng Jiaoyang did not stay around any longer. The only reason she came down personally was just to annoy the hell of these hateful bunch of people. She looked at them once more before she turned around and walked out of the house.

“Jiaojiao, please forgive Sheng Yi. I beg you, I’ll even kneel down for you,” Grandmother Sheng cried out pitifully.

Sheng Jiaoyang left without turning around.

“Mother, why are you kneeling? What exactly happened?” Ma Qin quickly helped Grandmother Sheng up.

“Ask your son!” The Sheng Family’s Eldest Brother waved his hand angrily and stomped back upstairs.

Ma Qin looked at Sheng Yi and asked anxiously, “Xiao Yi, what happened?”

“She said our Sheng Yi colluded with a dummy company and swindled 10 million dollars out of our own company. The dummy company’s boss has taken the funds and fled the country, so now Sheng Yi has to shoulder all responsibility. He will be sentenced to over 10 years of jail term,” Grandmother Sheng said while tears poured down her face.

Ma Qin was stumped.

She finally understood why Grandmother Sheng had to kneel and beg Xu Jiaojiao for forgiveness. If she had known about the situation, she would have done the same as well.

“Xiao Yi, how could you have done such a thing?!” Ma Qin grieved and lamented.

“What else can I do? I was scammed too!” Sheng Yi shouted, as he lost control of his emotions.

Everyone was filled with despair, whereas Sheng Jiaoyang, who was in the car, was looking at the mansion and smiling.

As they say, you should stick to the things you are capable of doing. Otherwise, you might end up being as foolish as Sheng Yi!

The car slowly drove out of the neighborhood.

Sheng Jiaoyang then called Shen Zhining.

“After you catch the scammer, don’t bring him back too early. I must teach them a good lesson!”

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