Chapter 295 - Delicious

Warning: Slight mature content ahead.

While they were in the elevator, Sheng Jiaoyang asked with a doubtful voice, “Aren’t we heading back to Aureate Manor?”

“It takes two hours to return to Aureate Manor, so I usually stay here.”


Once they were out of the elevator, Shen Zhining brought Sheng Jiaoyang in front of a door. He unlocked it with his fingerprint and led her in.

The bodyguard brought Sheng Jiaoyang’s luggage into the apartment, before standing guard outside the entrance.

“They’re not staying here?”

“They’ll be staying next door.”

Shen Zhining closed the door, and extended his hands to wrap it around Sheng Jiaoyang’s waist. He moved her till her back was up against the wall, and eagerly went for her lips.

Sheng Jiaoyang no longer cared to ask any more questions, and hooked her arms around Shen Zhining’s neck while responding to his kiss.

They breathed in unison, and their body temperature rose together.

Since they were now at a place where a third party will not appear, both of them shared a deep, passionate kiss.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. They had not met for four months, and even Sheng Jiaoyang wished she could touch him. Obviously, Shen Zhining felt the same.

He felt that he could devour her in an instant.

The lamp at the porch casted a warm, but dim, light on the couple who were deeply engaged with following their natural instincts.

One of Shen Zhining’s hands crept up the side of her thigh and ventured under her dress…

Sheng Jiaoyang lightly moaned. Her eyes fluttered open with a seemingly distant gaze.

Shen Zhining reached over and picked her up before quickly striding into the bedroom and placing her down on the bed. He hovered over her and kissed her, starting from her lips, and gradually moving downwards. His hands searched busily for the zip to her dress, before he finally realized that her dress did not have any zip at all.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s breathing hastened, and she felt as though she was on fire.

Shen Zhining pulled up the hems of her dress, and soon, with her cooperation, the dress had been pulled up to her neck. Both her arms and her face were being muffled by her dress, however… Shen Zhining’s hand, which had been pulling up the dress, had given up halfway and was now headed elsewhere.

“I haven’t showered.”

“Me neither.” Shen Zhining’s voice turned gruff.

Sheng Jiaoyang took off the dress herself, revealing her face. When she saw that Shen Zhining was still fully clothed, she instantly felt disgruntled and started to pull at his clothes.

However, Shen Zhining was more eager than she was, and with a hard tug, all the buttons on his branded shirt had come off.

Soon, they bared themselves to each other.

They had not turned on the heater, but the temperature in the room felt like it had been rising continuously.

The last time they were so intimate was when they were at Lina’s wedding.

After the research and exploration last time, Shen Zhining was now completely in control and had the upper hand.

He had successfully upgraded from a novice to a veteran.

The ravenous Shen Zhining helped himself to her soft buns. With eager assistance from Sheng Jiaoyang, he explored her mountains and valleys, and submerged himself in the sea as turbulent waves crashed over him. Together, they rose and fell till they came to the foot of the cliff, before climbing up to the peak and experiencing a thrilling explosion of lust and bliss like never before.

With the movement of the earth’s crusts, the volcano erupted continuously.

Worried about her own body, Sheng Jiaoyang pleaded for him to stop, with eyes full of tears.

At last, peace returned to the volcano.

Finally, both of them had returned from their adventure.

Sheng Jiaoyang laid on the pillow, so tired that even her fingers did not wish to move.

Now that Shen Zhining’s speed had gotten even faster than before, she found it hard to adapt.

“I’m hungry,” said Sheng Jiaoyang with half-opened eyes. She looked bitterly at Shen Zhining, who looked so satisfied that it seemed like he just finished a scrumptious meal.

Shen Zhining reached out to put away the stray strands of hair that were plastered to her face with sweat and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Then, he asked, “What do you want to eat?”

“Crayfish, I want hot and spicy crayfish!”

“Anything else?”

“I only want that.”

Regardless of whether there was hot and spicy crayfish around the vicinity, he called Jing Weinan to get it delivered over.

After the call, he carried her up.

“What are you doing?” Flustered, Sheng Jiaoyang hooked her arms around his neck.

“Let’s shower.”

After hearing those words, various scenes flashed through Sheng Jiaoyang’s mind, making her face blush and her heart race.

“I’ll do it myself,” she quickly added.

Shen Zhining was stunned for a while before he looked at her and asked, “Can you still walk?”

“…” Sheng Jiaoyang’s legs had already turned jelly.

Entering the bathroom, she did not see any bathtub. Instead, there was a shower stall. She sighed in relief.

“Put me down, I’ll wash on my own.”

Shen Zhining did not oppose her decision, and let her down upon arriving at the glass shower stall.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s jelly legs immediately gave way. If not for Shen Zhining, who was still holding onto her, she would have plopped onto the floor immediately.

Shen Zhining raised his brows, and with a smile in his eyes, he said, “Seems that you can’t do without me today.”

“…” Sheng Jiaoyang was rendered speechless.

Sheng Jiaoyang breathed in deeply and consoled herself. We had already committed such intimate acts, what’s there to be afraid of when it’s just a shower? With this thought in mind, she relaxed and said in a resigned tone, “Since this was caused by you, you’ll have to assist me in showering.”

She took care to stress the word ‘assist’.

“Alright, my queen.” Shen Zhining’s eyes danced in delight.

Warm water streamed from the showerhead, and Shen Zhining let Sheng Jiaoyang lean on his body. Both his hands stroked her hair as his fingertips lightly massaged her scalp.

After washing her hair, his hand slid down along her cheek to the neck, stopping only to make a circle at her collarbone, before continuing downwards…

Sheng Jiaoyang lifted her hand to catch his adventurous hand and squinted at him as she exclaimed, “Where are you touching? Aren’t we showering?”

“We are, we got to get you cleaned,” Shen Zhining replied seriously.

Sheng Jiaoyang let him be as his movements were gentle, and as she could not be bothered to move anymore. But his kneading skills stirred her once more, and she did not have any more energy left in her to stop him.

He suddenly changed his movement, and he shifted her body weight to lean against the wall. The wall was slightly cold, but soon the warm water that trickled down made it feel less cold than before.

Sheng Jiaoyang wanted to look at him, but the steam from the warm water fogged her vision. She could only close her eyes to prevent water from entering them. Although she could not see, she could still feel that Shen Zhining was by her side as his skin felt burning hot next to hers.

She wanted to open her mouth to ask why he had stopped until one of her legs was being lifted up.

“You… Ah! Bastard!!!”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s state was now similar to that of a fish nailed on the cutting board. She could only let the butcher drive his sharp knife into her body.

Indeed, men’s words are the most untrustworthy! Assisting me in showering? These were all excuses!

Sheng Jiaoyang bit on her lips as she fell for his same tricks twice. She hooked her hands around him as if she was hanging on dear life while drowning, but there was nothing for her to grasp on. The only thing she could do was leave her nail marks on Shen Zhining’s back.

Shen Zhining leaned over to her ear and whispered, his voice intermingled with the splattering of water, “Hypocrites are usually like this.”

Sheng Jiaoyang closed her eyes and tossed her head back while biting on her lips. At this point in time, her mind was already blank, like a piece of paper.

When Sheng Jiaoyang laid on Shen Zhining’s thigh, letting the latter blow dry her hair, she was already halfway toward becoming a wasted person.

Her whole body had turned jelly, and even her fingers could not move an inch.

Shen Zhining’s fingers combed through her soft and silky hair. After seeing how lethargic she was, he asked, “Do you want to nap for a while?”

“I want my crayfish!” She opened her eyes and stared at him.

Shen Zhining picked up his mobile phone and gave Jing Weinan a call, asking if the crayfish had arrived. Jing Weinan replied that the person who went to get it was on the way back.

Sheng Jiaoyang initially tried to spite Shen Zhining by asking for hot and spicy crayfish but never did she expect that he could actually find a large portion of relatively delicious hot and spicy crayfish for her.

Of course, she only had to open her mouth to eat, peeling the shell was the other person’s responsibility.

Since he had had his fill today, Shen Zhining was willing to peel the shells for her. He donned a pair of gloves and started peeling the shells, awkwardly at first. But after half a portion of the crayfish as practice, he peeled them, one after another, at a relatively fast speed.

At the start, he was quite slow at peeling the crayfish. When Sheng Jiaoyang had finished eating the first, the second crayfish was yet to be done peeling. He then slowly picked up his peeling speed and matched up to her eating speed. Eventually, he could even peel faster than she ate, thus creating a stockpile of peeled crayfish for her to eat.

After enjoying the large portion of crayfish, Sheng Jiaoyang decided to let go of his sneak attack from earlier.

Now that she was full, Sheng Jiaoyang returned to being a dead fish, and she laid lethargically on the sofa.

“Shall I give you a massage?”

“No thanks. I’m afraid if I let you, I might end up dying from exhaustion,” Seemingly frightened, Sheng Jiaoyang quickly refused.

Shen Zhining chuckled, and when she turned around and stared at him, he withdrew his laughter and said, “I promise I won’t touch you again tonight.”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at him for a while and decided to let him be. Even if Shen Zhining wanted to do anything to her, she would not even have the energy to stop him.

This time, Shen Zhining purely gave her a massage, from her head, to her temple, and then to the acupoints on the other parts of her body. Shen Zhining had massaged her quite well, making Sheng Jiaoyang see him in a new light.

“How did you know so much about massaging?” she asked out of curiosity.

“I just know the positions of some acupoints, as well as their functions when massaged,” Shen Zhining answered lightly.

Of course, he first learnt about acupoints to allow him to take down his opponents faster in combat. However, that was during his training days, and he did not want to mention his dark history to her.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t probe further, probably because his massage was too relaxing. Soon, she had fallen asleep on the sofa.

Shen Zhining stopped massaging, and instead reached out to caress her face. She seemed to have slimmed down a lot since the last time they met, which was heartbreaking for him to see. But he also knew that it was impossible to stop her from working, as she was not the kind to sit back and enjoy the fruits of another person’s labour. Otherwise, with such huge support from Grandfather Yang, she could easily sponge off him without any worries.

His fingertip grazed across her now slightly swollen lips, and his eyes darkened.

I didn’t restrain myself today, I might have overdone it by a little.

But she’s so delicious, so how could I be blamed for having my fill?

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