Chapter 25 - Meeting Demon King Shen Again

The fish feast, as the name implies, used fish as its main ingredient. The table was filled with pan-fried, braised, steamed, and deep-fried fish dishes accompanied by various seasonal appetizers. This was truly a sumptuous sight to behold, and it was as if they were at a dinner banquet.

In addition, all the fish used were raised in the restaurant’s pond. They were healthy and fresh, so the meat was delicious.

Treasure rice was a bowl of cooked rice, but there was more to it than meets the eye as this dish contained more than a dozen ingredients. Not to mention, the rice selected was the best of the best. Combining these ingredients was truly a test of a chef’s cooking skills as they had to make sure that the combination of ingredients didn’t affect the flavours of one another, while the rice stayed delicious and appealing to the eyes.

Xu Qing couldn’t stop picking up her chopsticks at all. She finally understood why her daughter didn’t seem to have an appetite lately. If she’d eaten this kind of sumptuous meal before, and then had to suddenly to eat the food she cooked again…if it were her, she would’ve also lost her appetite.

Sheng Jiaoyang ate until she was content. She’d finally gotten a ‘cure’ for her taste buds.

“Are you done? Do you want to try anything else?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked Xu Qing.

“No need, I’ve eaten so much already. How about you?” Xu Qing quickly replied.

“I’m full. I’m going to the bathroom, do you want to come along?” Sheng Jiaoyang stood up.

“I’m coming too.”

The toilets in the restaurant were set up separately. There was a one-story building behind the loft, and this part used to be a toilet, but it was later turned into a spacious bathroom.

Just as she entered the bathroom, Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression changed slightly. She pulled Xu Qing closer and whispered, “Do you have that thing?”

That thing? Xu Qing was at first confused before she reacted.

“No, I’ll go and buy it for you.”

“No, there are no convenience stores around here. Help me find Jiao Enhui, she’s the owner’s granddaughter. Borrow one from her.”

“Oh, okay.” Xu Qing hurriedly rushed out.

Once she’d left, Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly realised…would Xu Qing be able to find that person?

The layout of the Jiao Family’s restaurant was a landscaped garden, and since this was the first time that Xu Qing had been here, it was easy to get confused.

Sure enough, Xu Qing didn’t come back even after a long time. Sheng Jiaoyang held her forehead and sighed. Fortunately, her period hadn't arrived yet, but the cramps were very strong, so it would be soon.

Having no choice, Sheng Jiaoyang could only go search by herself.

Quickly stepping towards the bathroom exit, she accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sor…” The rest of the words were stuck in her throat.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at the man with a frown and a cold expression. Her entire body felt unwell.

Why was Demon King Shen here?

Doesn’t this guy mainly work in Germany? Half a month has passed since the last time they’d met. How come he hasn’t left yet?

“It’s you?” Shen Zhining narrowed his eyes at her.

“Yep, it’s me.” Sheng Jiaoyang lifted her chin, forcing herself to be tough in front of the Demon King. She hadn’t done anything wrong, so she shouldn’t act like a cat meeting a mouse whenever she saw Shen Zhining.


Is something about that wrong?…

“Why are you here?” Shen Zhining asked as he stared at her coldly.

“Why can’t I be here? Who set the rule that I can’t come here?” Sheng Jiaoyang replied with a raised eyebrow.

The corner of his mouth twitched, and his expression darkened further.

“Were you the one playing the piano in the loft before?” he abruptly asked.

At that moment, he only saw a faint silhouette from his memories.

Sheng Jiaoyang was startled, but still replied, “It was me.”

Shen Zhining suddenly laughed, and slowly said, “Excellent…”

“Thank you for your compliment. I should get going first.” Feeling that something was weird, Sheng Jiaoyang immediately fled.

Silence filled the bathroom as the mirror on the wall reflected the dangerous glint in the man’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang, who’d escaped from the bathroom, couldn’t be bothered about finding Jiao Enhui to borrow menstrual pads anymore. She just wanted to quickly find Xu Qing and leave this place. Shen Zhining’s craziness was making an appearance again, so she was better off avoiding him.

She didn’t need to find Jiao Enhui anyway, because if Xu Qing had found her, she would’ve come back long ago. She must’ve taken a detour in the backyard and gotten lost.

In reality, the Jiao Family’s garden wasn’t large, it’s just that there were too many twists and turns.

Sheng Jiaoyang had only turned two corners before she spotted Xu Qing.

In front of Xu Qing there stood a middle-aged man in a suit. The man was saying something, and Xu Qing was wiping away her tears.

Who’s that man?

Sheng Jiaoyang was annoyed. Even she couldn’t bear to make Xu Qing cry, yet what was that man doing?!

She walked over to them aggressively.

Xu Qing was standing opposite Sheng Jiaoyang, so she saw her daughter at a glance as she approached them, and her complexion abruptly paled.

The middle-aged man took notice of Xu Qing’s expression. When he turned around and saw Sheng Jiaoyang approaching, his complexion changed as well.

“You have a child? Didn’t you say that you didn’t get remarried after our divorce? You actually dared to lie to me! Yinyin was right, you approached me with ulterior motives. To think that I still felt an ounce of guilt towards you. Stay away from me from now on! I must have been blind back then, or else why would I have fancied a woman like you?!” The man’s anger for being deceived was written all over his face as he glared at Xu Qing.

There was no need to question how he knew that the two of them were mother and daughter. Their facial features alone were very similar; specifically their eyebrows and their eyes.

Pak! Xu Qing was startled once she realised that she’d slapped him.

“You dare to hit me?!” The man was enraged. He then raised his hand and was about to slap Xu Qing back, but before his palm could land on her face, he was forcibly pushed to the ground.

Sheng Jiaoyang stood in front of Xu Qing and towered over the man with a cold expression on her face.

“My mother hates men that would dare to raise a hand against a woman. You’re so unmanly!” she subconsciously said the words that Mei Niu liked to use.

“Jiaojiao…” Xu Qing tugged on Sheng Jiaoyang’s sleeve.

“I haven’t said anything to you yet.” Sheng Jiaoyang swept her gaze across Xu Qing. “What were you talking about with this man here?”

Xu Qing was dumbfounded.

“Let’s go, we’re heading home!” Sheng Jiaoyang pulled Xu Qing towards the lobby.

“Stop! Stop right there!” the man yelled in a flustered voice behind them.

Xu Qing stealthily looked back and saw that the man had apparently sprained his ankle and was currently jumping on one foot.

She then turned back to look at her daughter’s tall figure, her heart feeling particularly peaceful.

The unlucky man whose face was slapped, who was shoved to the ground, and had even sprained his ankle, was left glaring at the mother and daughter pair. He was almost burned to death by his anger. For so many years no one had dared to embarrass him so much, especially women!

He wanted to chase after them, but his right foot ached terribly as soon as he stepped on it. He flung his hands in the air in reluctant defeat. When he turned around and was about to call someone to help him, his gaze caught on someone standing nearby.

“P-president Shen?” He didn’t see what just happened, right?

“President Pan, do you need help in calling someone over?” a fake smile was pasted on his face as he asked.

“No, no need. I’ll help myself.” At this moment, Pan Zihui really wanted to rewind time.

Shen Zhining turned to leave, but after barely taking two steps, he suddenly stopped.

“What’s the relationship between the two of them and you?” he turned his head and asked.

Pan Zihui was caught off guard, and his expression looked awkward as he replied, “One is my ex-wife, and the other is her daughter.”

Shen Zhining nodded, and said meaningfully before leaving, “President Pan, hitting a woman is really unmanly.”

Pan Zihui’s expression froze.

Damn it, how humiliating to lose face in front of a client!

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