Chapter 244 - Ending

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Outside the garden.

Jarrett placed aside his usual playboy disposition and listened to his subordinate’s finding with a solemn expression. After hearing the report, he couldn’t hold it in and blurted a vulgarity.

Actually, there wasn’t any issue with the stimulant drug itself as it wasn’t classified as a controlled drug. Everyone usually closed an eye about it; no one would be bothered if someone wanted to take it to get into the mood.

But to use it on someone else, and to use it on the person without his or her permission, was wrong.

Moreover, the one who had been drugged was one of his bros’ woman!

He had countless schoolmates over the years, but how many did he consider to be brothers?

Not to mention the resources Shen Zhining had, just the fact that Shen Zhining had once saved his life, Jarrett vowed to settle this matter by the end of the day.

Jarrett paced around, the trademark smile on his face had long since vanished. He entered the garden and scanned the premises but didn’t find the three unbridled noble ladies. So, he went to Daisy, who was drinking by herself.

A shadow loomed before Daisy. She lifted her head and saw that it was Jarrett, then she lowered her head and continued drinking.

“Daisy, I truly consider you as a friend.”

Without any context, Daisy looked up and stared at him in bewilderment. “What are you trying to say?”

“I just want to confirm something with you. With regards to Shen’s fiancée being drugged, were you involved in it?” Jarrett wore a smile on his face. It looked as though he was asking purely to gossip and not to hold her responsible for it.

“If I had that stuff in my hands, I would have used it long ago,” Daisy rolled her eyes at Jarrett.

“But you were the one who brought her over. Do you really have nothing to do with this?”

“Indeed, I wanted to watch her make a fool of herself. But I didn’t know they were this crazy.”

Although there weren’t written rules to ban abuse of such substances, unspoken rules still existed. It didn’t matter how unrestrained one was in private, but one would have to restrain oneself during others' parties or it would be considered disrespect towards the host of the party.

“It’s not that they are crazy. They just couldn't care less about the others.”

Daisy took a sip from her glass. Deep down, she also agreed with him.

“Though you aren’t involved, you were the one who brought her over. You didn’t take care of her, so you are partly responsible,” Jarrett sternly stated all of a sudden.

“So what if I am? What can you do? Do you dare to take revenge?” Daisy retorted without fear due to her strong backing.

“For the sake of your family and the Prince, I can’t do anything to you. But you'd better be aware of the consequences and not play with fire,” Jarrett warned and turned, walking away in search of the three main culprits.

Daisy watched Jarrett’s distancing back view and let out a chuckle. But then, it occurred to her that Shen Zhining must be having the time of his life with that woman and she felt extremely pissed.

Her pride would have wanted her to let him go much earlier but she couldn’t resign to the fact. However, knowing that they were childhood sweethearts who have known each other for a long time, their love steadfast, Daisy couldn’t do anything no matter how much she couldn’t concede to it, and could only sit at a lonesome corner and drink alone.

When Jarrett stood before the three women, apart from Adeline, the other two had a man beside them. The woman with red lips was locked in a passionate fiery kiss with the man beside her, while Felicia was chatting with the man beside her. Meanwhile, Adeline was still smoking her cigar with a dejected look and puffing out smoke circles.

Adeline was the first to notice Jarrett’s arrival.

“Yo, you don’t have to accompany your VIP anymore?”

A dark glint flickered across the recesses of Jarrett’s eyes as he said calmly. “Perhaps it’s been a long while since I last returned. I didn’t know it has since become a trend for the noble ladies here to carry stimulant drugs around with them. Would you kindly enlighten me, Miss Krista?”

The few people stopped what they were doing and looked at Jarett.

Adeline exchanged gazes with the other two; they weren’t flustered, Adeline even replied nonchalantly, “What’s the big deal? It’s just some trifling stuff.”

“Trifle stuff?” Jarrett’s expression turned icy. “My humble abode has no place for aristos. In the future, the three of you'd better go to another place that allows you to enjoy this trifling stuff at will.”

“Jarrett, are you standing up for that Asian chick?” Felicia narrowed her eyes and questioned.

The woman with red lips looked as though she had heard the largest joke ever and said to Adeline, “Adeline, am I hearing things? The three of our families combined isn’t even as important as a b*tch that came from god knows where.”

“Do I have to get someone to ‘invite' you girls off?” Jarrett’s voice sank.

Seeing how serious Jarett was, the three women were truly startled.

Adeline stood up and looked at Jarrett with incredulous disbelief. She asked, “You mean it?”

“The three of you aren’t worthy enough to make me lose a brother,” Jarrett replied without hesitation. Even if they were princesses, it wasn’t enough to make him back down. So what if they belong to the three big families? They aren’t the first in line to succeed the family and neither would they inherit their family businesses. Their place in the family is like that of a golden canary carefully kept in a cage. Their sole purpose is for political marriages and they have no say in the family.

In comparison, Daisy is much superior to them. Not only will she inherit half of her family’s inheritance, she even has a powerful figure pursuing her.

At this point, Felicia could no longer keep up her cool and collected facade. She had never been chased out of a party before; this was an insult to her.

The other two felt no better than Felicia. They were normally held in high regard by the people around them, yet today they were chased out of a party for playing a prank on an Asian b*tch. By the looks of it, Jarrett had also blacklisted them.

“If you chase us out today; we will never ever come again even if you beg us next time!” Felicia haughtily snapped with a lifted chin.

“As you wish,” Jarrett couldn’t be bothered the least.

The three women left angrily.

Of course, that wasn’t all. Kicking them out of the party wasn’t enough to appease Shen Zhining. If that was the end of it, he wouldn’t be able to answer to Shen Zhining.

As soon as he chased the three women out, he called their parents one by one.

He went straight to the point and informed them that their child had gotten into trouble. Not to mention whether drugging someone was illegal, just the fact that if this incident was exposed to the public, it would heavily damage the reputation of the three noble ladies. Their families certainly wouldn’t want to see this; after all, their daughters were being put up for marriage deals. A damaged reputation would severely lower their value.

The three ladies reached home with a belly full of frustration. The moment they entered their house door, they were given a harsh lecture. The amount that their families promised to pay as an apology would be deducted from their monthly allowance. Adeline had it worst as her whole year’s allowance was deducted. This was a huge blow to Adeline who was a habitual smoker and would only smoke the most expensive cigars. Things weren’t any better for the other two; it would be tough for them to have a good time of life this year. Of course, this would be tales for another day.

Meanwhile, in the large bathtub, a girl with a head of silky black hair leaned against the side, her hands still hooked around the neck of the man holding her. Her exposed skin was fair with a tinge of red, as though she was wrapped in a thin layer of salmon chiffon.

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Her red lips were slightly parted as soft moans and light pants escaped from them.

Her unconscious noises had a natural, alluring charm to it. It was like the seductive song of the sea siren, tempting one to fall into temptation.

Shen Zhining had on a restrained look. His hand had relieved her of her desires twice; she wasn’t feeling that uncomfortable anymore and started to gradually enjoy it. It was enjoyable for her but for Shen Zhining, he not only had to resist her increasingly coquettish seduction, he even had to endure the burning desire within him.

As her pants became more rapid, he knew she had reached her peak again.

Watching the seductive little siren before him, Shen Zhining was like a volcano ready to erupt. He leaned forward pressing her upper body against the side of the bathtub and caught her seductive red lips.

Sheng Jiaoyang was losing her grounds - both top and bottom. Though Shen Zhining’s movements were aggressive, he wasn’t rough. He was tender and gentle as if he was afraid of hurting her if he applied a little more force.

Because of that, Sheng Jiaoyang was able to swiftly climb to the peak, losing herself in jubilation and didn’t experience much discomfort.

The clouds seemed to have passed and the sun was out. When she began to respond to his kisses, it meant that her consciousness had returned.

The drug effects seemed to have worn off.

A long while later, Shen Zhining slightly backed away. He stared at her swollen and wet lips that were the results of his actions and almost lost himself.

He suppressed the desires in him again and again before he pressed his forehead against Sheng Jiaoyang’s and looked into her slightly parted eyes.

“Jiaojiao,” he softly called out.

Hearing her own name, Sheng Jiaoyang widened her eyes a little. But after experiencing the drug’s effects, she was consumed by fatigue and found it difficult to even keep her eyes open.

She couldn’t beat the sleepiness and couldn’t hear clearly what Shen Zhining said after. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Seeing her falling asleep that easily, Shen Zhining took a deep breath. He carried her out of the bathtub and incidentally took a towel on his way out.

He tucked her under the quilt and carefully dried her wet hair.

He wasn’t concerned about himself from the start till the end. After drying Sheng Jiaoyang’s hair, his wet clothes were already half-dried by his body heat.

He just sat there, looking down at her.

She slept soundly, her eyelashes like black shells resting on her eyelids. Her lips were slightly parted, eluding a sense of innocence.

It was clearly a lovely sight before him but his mind was filled with her alluring appearance when consumed by lust. He could still hear her moans and pants ringing in his ears.

He rose suddenly and entered the bathroom with a stiff body.

The sound of running water came from the half-closed bathroom door, mixed with the faint heavy breathing sounds.

A long while later, a corner of the quilt was lifted and part of the soft mattress sank in.

The bedside lamp was switched off.

Sheng Jiaoyang was awakened by the heat. Before she woke up, she thought she had been thrown into the oven; it felt hot around her.

After opening her eyes, her brain went blank for five seconds.

She was held in Shen Zhining’s embrace, her hand was placed on his chest, and she could even feel it rising and sinking with his breathing.

But all these were nothing; it wasn’t as if they had never slept on the same bed before.

The main issue was—

They were naked!

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