Chapter 242 - Burning Flames, Fiery Passion

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't panic when she heard Adeline's words. She wasn't an inexperienced innocent child, and it wasn't like she had never experienced something like this before. She just didn't expect that they would be so unrestrained at someone else's party.

"Thanks for the welcome gift," Sheng Jiaoyang said calmly.

The three women looked at each other and were speechless. They could see the surprise in each others' eyes. No one had expected that Sheng Jiaoyang would be that calm.

Daisy parted her lips, wanting to say that this whole matter had nothing to do with her. However, as she was the one who brought Sheng Jiaoyang over; and with a bad intention at that, she felt that any explanation would be fruitless and decided to keep her mouth shut.

Sheng Jiaoyang held onto the stem of her wine glass. Before anyone could react, she turned and left. She carried the hem of her skirt and ran in quick steps towards Shen Zhining. Like a bird returning to its nest, she ran headfirst into Shen Zhining's embrace.

If she hadn't come with Shen Zhining, she would definitely deal with something like this differently. But now, she didn't have to care about anything and only had to rely on Shen Zhining. She trusted that he would get justice for her.

The three women who originally planned on watching a show froze for Sheng Jiaoyang ran without any doubts. She wasn't concerned about her image and was nimble even when she was in heels. They didn't even have the chance to block Sheng Jiaoyang and the latter had returned to her boyfriend's side.

"You girls went overboard," said Daisy.

The women with thick red lips smiled and laughed heartily. "You call this overboard? Daisy, since when did you start to act like the Virgin Mary to cover your bitchiness? You actually spoke up for your love rival."

“Daisy, didn’t you bring her to us so that we can help you humiliate her? If she were to pursue this matter, you would be the main culprit,” Felicia continued.

Daisy snorted and left. She really despised people who looked beautiful on the outside but were rotten within.

Adeline slumped back into her chair and watched Daisy’s departing figure. She lazily took a puff of her cigar, exhaled the smoke and said, “Daisy is still the same. With her haughty temper, it is no wonder that he didn’t fall in love with her.”

“But despite that bad temper of hers, there is clearly someone who likes her,” the woman with red lips smirked.

Felicia lifted her wine glass and pursed her lips, "We always want what we can’t have."

“I really want to find out if Prince Wight would still continue to treat her like a precious jewel after he gets her.” A hint of evilness appeared in Adeline’s eyes.

“We’ll just have to give it a try and we’ll find out.”

The three women looked at each other and smiled. They talked pleasantly and didn’t think that there was anything wrong with drugging someone else’s drink. To them, it was no big deal as long as it didn’t result in death.

Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang, who had thrown herself into Shen Zhining’s embrace, had her hands around his waist. With her face buried in his shoulders, she said in a muffled voice, “Zhining, I’m screwed.”

“What happened?” Shen Zhining’s voice turned icy.

Unsure if it was just psychological, Sheng Jiaoyang had begun to feel a strange sensation all over her body. It was a subtle itch that tickled at her inner organs and flowed through her blood. She took a small step back and lifted the wine glass before Shen Zhining’s eyes.

Instantly, Shen Zhining saw the foreign matter at the bottom of the class, his expression instantly darkened into a terrifying shade.

“Woah~ Little cutie has been drugged!” A voice sounded from the side as though things weren’t already chaotic enough as it was.

Shen Zhining stared at the schadenfreude icily and said, “If you want to collaborate with us then show me your sincerity.” Shen Zhining then dragged Sheng Jiaoyang towards the direction of the manor’s owner.

“Are you feeling unwell?” Shen Zhining asked as they walked.

Sheng Jiaoyang muttered shyly and restlessly, “There are aphrodisiac components in the drug. I’m not sure if it’s psychedelic and I’m not sure how much of the drug they gave me. It feels like it’s starting to work up.”

Shen Zhining halted his steps momentarily and then hastened it. Very soon, he brought Sheng Jiaoyang in front of the manor’s owner, Jarrett.

Jarrett had a fright as he saw Shen Zhining walking over menacingly. He hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

Sheng Zhining took the wine glass from Sheng Jiaoyang, shoved it into Jarrett’s hand and said adamantly, "If you can’t give me an answer to this, don’t ever contact me again.”

Having said that, Shen Zhining brought Sheng Jiaoyang towards the exit.

Jarrett was perplexed. He looked down at the wine glass and his expression turned heavy when he saw the matter at the bottom of it. Using a finger, he swiped at the matter and put it in his mouth, tasting it. Immediately, his expression changed. He didn’t scan the surroundings to see who was the one that had the guts to pull such dirty tricks at his private party. The first thing he did was to take large strides to catch up with Shen Zhining.

“Shen, I have a private doctor here. You guys can wait here, I will arrange the best guest room for you,” said Jarrett.

Shen Zhining halted and glanced up at Jarrett.

Based on their close familiarity with each other, Jarrett understood Shen Zhining’s gaze and immediately ordered the maids to tidy up the large guest room that faced south before sending someone to call for the doctor. Jarrett then personally led the two towards his villa.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s legs suddenly went weak. Luckily, Shen Zhining had been holding onto her hand tightly and caught her in time.

At the moment, her eyes were still bright but slightly watery. Her cheeks were a rosy tint. Her soft and easily manipulated look tickled at one’s desire.

Evidently, the drug had started to take effect.

Jarrett, who was walking at the front, heard no footsteps following after him. He turned and looked to see Sheng Zhining hooking onto Sheng Jiaoyang’s waist and lifting her up into a princess carry.

If it was under other circumstances, Jarrett would have definitely teased Shen Zhining. But currently, he knew that the drug must have started to take effect. If he were to tease Shen Zhining, the latter would have no hesitation to burn off all bridges with him.

“Hurry,” Jarrett urged.

In large strides, Shen Zhining steadily held onto Sheng Jiaoyang and followed Jarrett into the villa.

Meanwhile, many guests in the garden had noticed the commotion.

“Dear Miss Stanley, have you misunderstood me?” At a particular corner, the handsome man smiled, revealing his pearly whites, looking especially harmless.

Daisy looked at the man before her coldly, “Do you think I would do something as dumb as this?”

Only those few women who were habitually unrestrained would do something like this. They acted recklessly without checking the background of the person they were messing with. Sooner or later, they will pay a huge price for their action.

“So what you’re saying is, prior to our plan, someone already couldn’t stand her?” The man stroked his chin and looked thoughtful.

“Are you sure your stupid plan will work even when executed?” Daisy retorted with contempt.

“From how it looks now, it will not work indeed,” the man answered with a laugh. “But, I have already gotten the answer to something that I wanted confirmation about.”

Daisy’s face darkened, “You were making use of me?”

Previously, this man had told Daisy to take Sheng Jiaoyang away. Then, someone would ‘accidentally’ dirty Sheng Jiaoyang’s dress and after that, he would use this opportunity to seduce her. That’s right, seduce! It would be even better If Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t stand firm and fell into his trap. But even if Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t, it would also cause a misunderstanding between the couple and leave a thorn in their hearts.

Initially, Daisy rejected this plan for it was too stupid. This man actually dared to compare himself with Shen Zhining. In Daisy’s heart, Shen Zhining was many times better than this man. If it was her, she wouldn’t even give him a chance, let alone be seduced by him. She really didn’t know where he got his confidence from. But on second thoughts, she also wanted to see if Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining really trusted each other so that it would completely rid herself of the thought of wanting to be with Shen Zhining.

That’s right, regardless if they have mutual trust for each other, she would completely kick Shen Zhining out of her world. If they end up having their guards up towards each other, she would give up on him. In her opinion, a person who didn’t trust his girlfriend was not worthy of her love.

“How would I dare to make use of Miss Stanley? Didn’t you also want to test how deep their affection is?”

Daisy’s expression changed. She lifted her chin and snorted, “It’s my call!” She then turned and left.

“This temperament… Tsk tsk. Prince Wight’s taste is surely extraordinary.”

Daisy had already left, so she didn’t hear the man’s soliloquy. Otherwise, she would definitely have thrown a fit.

Meanwhile, in the guest room, Sheng Jiaoyang was tugging at Shen Zhining’s clothes as he gently placed her onto the well laid out bed and caressed her face.

Jarrett stood by the side and watched. This was the first time that he witnessed the man whom the whole school claimed was the hardest iceberg to conquer, treating a woman so gently and tenderly. He had mixed feelings about this.

Shen Zhining was not called an iceberg due to his icy expression. Although his temperament was cold and distant, he was cordial towards his friends and would joke and laugh with them. However, even his closest buddies felt that he was unapproachable, not to mention others. But some people loved a difficult challenge. Hence, one after another, they tried to approach Shen Zhining to seduce him; resulting in many affirmations that Shen Zhining indeed had sexual apathy!

“Get out.” Before Jarrett could finish his thoughts, Shen Zhining shot a glance at him.

Jarrett wanted to take a look at Sheng Jiaoyang but saw that his best friend’s face had completely darkened. He immediately replied tactfully, “Okay, I will investigate this matter and give you an answer.”

Shen Zhining only turned his face slightly towards the door and slightly lifted his chin in the door’s direction.

Jarrett chuckled and turned to leave the room. He took the maids with him as well.

Only Shen Zhining and a little dazed Sheng Jiaoyang were left in the room.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt as though she was in a sea of fire, her entire body consumed by flames. When a hand was pressed against her cheek, she could feel the coolness radiating from the hand. She couldn’t help but grab the hand and like putting on heat packs, she placed the hand on places where she felt hot.

“It’s so hot…”

A low moan escaped her lips.

Sheng Jiaoyang grabbed Shen Zhining’s hand and placed it on her chest. Her lips were parted as though it was saying something. Leaning down to hear her more clearly, he naturally felt her breath.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s gaze was fixated on Shen Zhining. She was clear-headed this moment and dazed the next. The sensations in her body had severely disrupted her ability to think.

But knowing that Shen Zhining was by her side, Sheng Jiaoyang was less nervous. The moment she relaxed, the sensations in her body would be amplified limitlessly. The indescribable itch made her wriggle and whine softly, “Zhining, I don’t feel good~”

Her voice was originally young and crisp clear. When she spoke in such a whimpering tone unknowingly, her crisp clear voice was tainted with streaks of alluring gentleness and tickled one’s heart.

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