Chapter 232 - Financial Backer

“Why did you push me?” Liang Shuangyi pointed to Sheng Jiaoyang, blatantly questioning her. Some people looked at Liang Shuangyi, saw that she was pregnant, and at once took her side.

“Huh? Are you Xu Jiaojiao?” an onlooker suddenly asked. As soon as this was blurted out, the rest also took note of it.

“Who is Xu Jiaojiao? How do all of you know of her?” An elderly woman asked curiously when she saw that everyone recognized the person in question.

“Grandma, Xu Jiaojiao is the name of a female celebrity.” Standing next to her, the elderly woman’s granddaughter clarified.

“So what if she’s a celebrity? Now celebrities can bully people, and a pregnant woman at that?! Quickly check and see if that poor lady is alright!” the elderly woman urged indignantly.

“Is there a misunderstanding here? Maybe it was just an accident.” someone said.

Liang Shuangyi held her stomach and cried out in pain.

“Xu Jiaojiao, I thought, as high school classmates, we will hang out again after our reunion. I thought our history would mean something to you. Who would’ve thought that you would treat me like this once you found out that the baby in my belly is Wei Yang’s? How can a person like you deserve everyone’s love!” Liang Shuangyi blasted with a hateful tone.

Now, all the spectators’ expressions screamed ‘Turns out there’s an inside scope’.

The elderly woman even looked at Sheng Jiaoyang with disdain as she criticized, “How can you be like this? You are a public figure. No matter how wronged you feel, you can’t treat a pregnant woman like this!”

The commotion had attracted a lot of attention because Liang Shuangyi had deliberately intercepted Sheng Jiaoyang at an intersection. Thus, not only did the noise attract the people from private rooms, others from the hall were also impacted, as the aisle was blocked.

Since Gu Zhou and his friends were in the private room in the innermost area, the noise was very minimum. They didn’t want to join in with all the excitement though, so they didn’t come out. As a result, they didn’t know about Sheng Jiaoyang’s situation.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked calm even in the face of everyone’s criticism. She looked at Liang Shuangyi, who was still on the ground, and glanced with faint coldness at Shu Ya. “You’re in a really good mood it seems, have you finished recording? Why don’t you show us the recording and let us enjoy it together?”

Her friend fell down, but she didn’t help her. Instead, she was busy taking a video?

Everyone’s gaze became hesitant.

For a moment, Shu Ya looked flustered, and she turned to look at Liang Shuangyi, who gave her a meaningful look. She immediately relaxed and said righteously, “I wanted to take a video to commemorate seeing an old classmate again. Who knew that you would do such a thing to Shuangyi? I will certainly show your true face to the public, and will not let everyone be deceived by your fakeness.”

The line of thought of the spectators was the easiest thing to be manipulated. And, coupled with the preconceived first impression they had, everyone’s eyes around Sheng Jiaoyang was once again filled with disdain.

“Did any of you call for an ambulance? People in the front, please lend a hand and help the pregnant woman up. The weather is still a bit cold in March, so as a pregnant woman, you certainly can’t sit on the ground,” the elderly woman exclaimed.

“Oh! It hurts!” Liang Shuangyi continued to hold her stomach, crying in pain.

“There must be something wrong with her baby. Quickly, call an ambulance.” The elderly woman ordered, but seeing everyone’s hesitant demeanor, she just asked the person in front to support Liang Shuangyi, and then asked her granddaughter to make a phone call.

Since Liang Shuangyi didn't want to get up, how could the weak elderly woman possibly help her up by herself?

“Give me another hand!” The elderly woman was discontented to see Sheng Jiaoyang standing aside with her arms clasped across the other. “Come and give me a hand! You have pushed someone down, but you still have the nerve to stand idly by? Do you still have any sense of decency and morals?”

“How do I know if she will slander me again? I’d better not touch her.” Sheng Jiaoyang spoke coldly with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

“Ouch!” Liang Shuangyi continued to cry out in pain. One by one, the people around began to glare at Sheng Jiaoyang. Meanwhile, the elderly woman’s granddaughter hurriedly came in to help after making the phone call.

Liang Shuangyi stood up with their help, holding onto her belly.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head and looked at the ceilings, but to her disappointment, she didn’t find any surveillance camera.

Everyone noticed her movements. Liang Shuangyi and Shu Ya looked at each other, a little proud. They had checked already, otherwise they wouldn’t have made this move.

“What has happened here?” The manager was called in by the clerk. The spectators told him the entire story.

At present, there was no evidence or witness to prove that Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t push Liang Shuangyi. So, the situation was very unfavorable to Sheng Jiaoyang, especially since Liang Shuangyi was pretending to be greatly wronged.

“Have you called for an ambulance?” The manager was experiencing a headache because such a thing had happened in his restaurant. He wanted to stand on Jiaojiao’s side since he felt that a celebrity with a successful career wouldn’t need to do such a thing. But, was there any evidence to prove her innocence though?

“I’ve already called for one,” someone answered.

Shu Ya put away her phone and went to Liang Shuangyi. She switched places with the young girl who was holding onto her. “The ambulance hasn’t come yet. I think we’d better use our own car to go to the hospital to check the baby.”

“Go by yourself? And then walk away?” Sheng Jiaoyang sneered from the corner of her mouth.

“Xu Jiaojiao, I know that you have always liked Wei Yang since high school, but it’s useless for you to chase after him now. He and I are legally recognized as husband and wife. Even if you push me to miscarry, Wei Yang won’t break up with me.” Liang Shuangyi stated while holding onto her pregnant belly.

Everyone around was immediately in an uproar. The message was really explosive.

Sheng Jiaoyang merely sneered at her, and said, “I just want to ask, who is Wei Yang?”

“…” Liang Shuangyi was startled.

“Xu Jiaojiao, when you were in high school, you pestered Wei Yang non-stop. Originally, Wei Yang and Shuangyi were childhood sweethearts and their path to the future together should be smooth sailing. It’s because you stepped in between them that they had to make a big detour. Now that you have found a more powerful financial backer, you pretend that you don’t know us? You really have no sense of shame!” Shu Ya shouted.

Just then, the crowd was pushed aside to form a path by someone.

“Financial backer? Are you talking about me?” When Sheng Jiaoyang saw Shining walking over, she lit up and a spontaneous smile bloomed on her face. Now, she was even more calm than before.

“Zhining, you’re here.”

“Mhmm.” Shen Zhining naturally stood by her side as her protector, and put his hand around her waist.

He didn’t look so friendly to others. He glanced around coldly and scoffed, “Jiaojiao and I have known each other for more than ten years. How come I wasn’t aware that she is chasing after a man named Wei Yang? There must be evidence for what you are saying, or it’s slander!”

“She also pushed Shuangyi down!” Shu Ya yelled, unwilling to back down.

“Evidence.” Shen Zhining indifferently uttered the words.

“I saw it, and I recorded it.”

“Now that we know it’s recorded, take it out, and play it back.” Currently, Shen Zhining’s expression was the same as that of Sheng Jiaoyang, calm and disdainful.

“It hasn’t been processed yet, I’m afraid that you don’t dare to take it out.” Sheng Jiaoyang then said.

“What if I take it out and you snatch it away to delete the recording?” Shu Ya said with a stiff neck. She took the video a little early and had planned to edit it afterwards, but now she didn’t dare take it out.

The elderly woman, who had assumed that Sheng Jiaoyang pushed down Liang Shuangyi, encouraged Shu Ya. “Girl, you can take it out and let us make the decision for you. If he dares to delete it, then they are the guilty ones.”

“Yes, show it to him!” Others followed suit.

What should I do? Shu Ya looked at Liang Shuangyi anxiously.

Liang Shuangyi hugged her stomach and shouted in pain.

It’d been a while since the standoff, so the ambulance had arrived at the door.

“The ambulance is here!” Someone shouted from the outermost area of gathering. The people blocking the corridor retreated and gave way to the paramedics.

“That’s her. She’s having abdominal pains.” The elderly woman saw the paramedics coming and hurriedly informed them.

The doctor looked at Liang Shuangyi and asked her to lie on the stretcher. Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining looked at each other and followed the paramedics.

Despite the limited space in the ambulance, Shu Ya still squeezed herself into it. Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang entered Shen Zhining’s car and followed the ambulance to the hospital.

In the ambulance, the first thing the doctor did was to make a preliminary diagnosis for Liang Shuangyi. He saw that her facial colour looked good, her heartbeat and pulse were steady, and she said that her stomach didn’t hurt much after she got on to the ambulance. However, he still insisted that they go to the hospital to have another examination. Then, he rested beside her.

When Shu Ya saw a car following the ambulance through the window glass, she winked at Liang Shuangyi.

Liang Shuangyi looked at the doctor, who was looking down at his cell phone, then nodded at Shu Ya, silently replying to her. Let’s talk after we get to the hospital.

Since she was acting, she should go all out!

In the car, Shen Zhining was playing with Sheng Jiaoyang’s hand and asked her, “What happened just now?”

“What else could it be? I’ve been set up!” Sheng Jiaoyang curled the corner of her mouth.

“Do you have some sort of grudge with those two?”

“God knows who they are! I don’t even know their names. But, they should be my former classmates, who saw that I’m doing well now, and wanted to smear me in some dirt.” Sheng Jiaoyang recalled how Liang Shuangyi didn’t even have to be pushed, and just directly sat on the ground. The girl was afraid that she would really push her down and hurt her child.

“Who is Wei Yang?”

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her eyebrows and looked at Shen Zhining, who was holding onto her hand and intensely studying each of her fingers. It was as if he was counting all the fine lines on her hands.

The corner of her mouth rose slightly. “I was told that a heartbreak was the cause of the car crash that day. Perhaps this ‘Wei Yang’ was the high-school boyfriend?”

Shen Zhining understood the underlying meaning behind her words. After all, he knew her identity.

He squeezed her hands and turned to look at her, “Are you happy knowing that you have an ex-boyfriend?”

The question was dangerous, and giving the wrong response could cause a big problem later.

“No, that’s not my ex-boyfriend. I have seen him before, but at the time, I threw him over my shoulder. Since then, he had never shown himself in front of me again.” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Shen Zhining with a measured look.

See, without his help, she had cleaned up his ‘romantic rivals’ with her own hands. Wasn’t that worthy of praise?

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