Chapter 106 - I’m Your Entire World

After the introduction and chat session, the game segment started.

Today’s game rules: A PK battle between two teams. The new students would form a team, and the aces would form the other team. The two teams would battle and the ultimate ace would be picked from the winning team.

“Why are there five people on their team?” Jiang Yue asked Liang Chen after listening to the game rules, pointing at the new students.

“That’s because they’re newbies!” Liang Chen mischievously said.

Originally, it was supposed to be a battle of four against four, but who knew that Xu Jiaojiao would be added last minute as a guest? Of course, he couldn’t talk about this openly.

“It's fine, there are three girls on their team,” Liu Zhouming comforted.

Jiang Yue looked at the opposite team consisting of three women and two men, and then glanced at the three tall and handsome guys in his own team. He suddenly felt that their odds of winning had increased tremendously.

“There are three PK rounds. The first round is a literature competition,” Liang Chen announced.

Each team had to send out two people. One would stand next to the inscription board to write the answer, and the other must draw the subject on the drawing board. This battle would last three minutes, and the team with the most correct answers when the time was up would win. This round was the best part of the game. In a previous episode, those abstract paintings drawn by the teams made the audience laugh so much that their stomachs started to hurt.

The Ace Team assigned the only girl in their team, Jiang Yue, to the drawing area and Liu Zhouming to the answer area. Jiang Yue’s sketches were quite detailed so, in the end, Liu Zhouming managed to guess four drawings correctly. However, during the drawing session, two of Jiang Yue’s sketches were absolutely ingenious and attracted a lot of laughter.

On the other hand, the Student Team let the two youngest girls compete in this round. Sheng Jiaoyang was naturally the drawer and the guesser was none other than Meng Nanxi, who’d volunteered to join in this round. If one could actively participate in the game, one must grab this chance well. This way, they would earn more on-screen time.

For a creative person like Sheng Jiaoyang, using paintings to describe a few words was a simple case. Coupled with her fast sketching speed, Meng Nanxi naturally had the opportunity to guess more drawings. Both of them sketched and answered very quickly and accurately as if they had a special cheat code registered in their minds. Gasps of surprise emerged from the audience, one after another. Even Big Fatty and Little Fatty couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

Jiang Yue, who was watching from the sidelines, almost couldn’t keep her smile intact. Xu Jiaojiao’s sketches were very much on point, so even if she wanted to question her, she couldn’t find an appropriate excuse. Jiang Yue could only comfort herself by repeatedly telling herself that the program team was biased, and that they’d given the Student Team easier subjects to draw and guess.

The masses could see everything clearly. They basically visualised all the subjects in their head and knew which ones were difficult and which ones were easy to guess. In fact, the difficulty level for both teams were similar. Difficult and easy subjects were mixed and selected at random, so if this subject was easy, then the next one could be either an easy or a difficult one.

“Alright, time’s up! You can stop now!” Liang Chen turned off the timer and said, “The Ace Team guessed four subjects correctly, and the Student Team guessed a total of…thirteen subjects correctly. Wow~ What an astronomical number!”

This round, the Student Team won against the Ace Team without any suspense.

The second round was a wrestling competition.

Each team had to send out three people to compete this time. They must wrestle against the other team wearing the balloon suits specially prepared by the program team, and when the time was up, the team with the least amount of members standing would lose.

The Ace Team first sent out the muscular Wei Zhehan, while the Student Team sent out General Lu Yao. The two men put on their balloon suits and looked like two balls with hands and feet, bouncing on the anti-slip mat. The scene instantly made everyone crack up with laughter. After a comical hand-to-hand struggle, the physically stronger Wei Zhehan finally tripped Lu Yao.

Following this, the Ace Team sent out Ye Fan and as soon as his name was announced, all the girls in the audience erupted in cheers again. However, the Student Team’s Gao Yizhi was not to be outdone. The two good-looking male stars standing together looked like scenery from a picture scroll. They looked extremely adorable in their balloon suits, causing the girls to continually scream. After the two exchanged a few gentle blows in a joking manner, they turned serious and, at last, Ye Fan was carelessly knocked down by Gao Yizhi.

The third person sent out by the Student Team was Han Yaying, so the Ace Team let Jiang Yue join in this round. Han Yaying cared a lot about her idol image and didn’t go all out, so she was easily outed by Jiang Yue. As such, the Ace Team won this round two to one.

Now, the total score was one each, so the key to winning was the third round.

The third round was a competition testing the team’s synergy.

The two teams gave each other a message with the same number of words. Then, the members of the answering team would start the round. The first member relayed what they saw to the second member and then passed it on. From the second person onwards, the rest of the members would all wear headphones with music used as interference. In the end, the team with the most correct words would win. This game had appeared in many variety shows, so everyone was familiar with it. After standing in position, the game started.

In this round, the more members a team had, the more difficult it was to get the right message across. Due to this, the Student Team was likely to be at a disadvantage. With one more person to relay the message, the chance of getting the right answer was much smaller.

Sure enough, after a round of laughter, the Ace Team won.

“Now, we have to pick out the Ultimate Ace from the Ace Team. As you know, we’re hosting an evening party to welcome the new students of our Ace Academy. You can all choose a person from the Student Team and work together to perform a show at tonight’s evening party. Afterwards, it’s up to the audience to choose tonight’s Ultimate Ace.”

As soon as Liang Chen finished speaking, Ye Fan said, “I already have a candidate in mind.”

“Who?” Liang Chen asked curiously.

“Xu Jiaojiao!”

“Why?” All the girls present must also be wondering the same thing.

“Because, I’ve already thought of what to perform with her.” Ye Fan smiled mysteriously.

“Alright, we’ll look forward to it then. How about the rest of you?” Liang Chen asked as he looked at the remaining three people.

In the end, Liu Zhouming took the lead in choosing Han Yaying, but Wei Zhehan unexpectedly didn’t choose the remaining girl of the student team, Meng Nanxi, and instead chose Lu Yao. Jiang Yue adhered to the principle of ‘working with a guy would save her from trouble’ and chose Gao Yizhi.

Thus, the Nation’s Maiden, Meng Nanxi, was the odd one out and had no choice but to partner up with a host while watching the rest perform in pairs.

Ye Fan called Sheng Jiaoyang to one side to discuss the contents of the performance. The two of them finalised the contents soon after and asked the program team for the props they needed.

Ye Fan was lucky enough to draw the last place when he drew lots to determine the order of the show.

The first group to perform was Wei Zhehan and Lu Yao, who performed a confrontation battle between an undercover cop and a triad member of the popular drama ‘Infernal Affairs’. Their intense performance won the applause from everyone present.

The first group made a good start, which brought about more pressure for the groups behind them. The second group, Liu Zhouming and Han Yaying, chose to sing a love song, which was more commonly seen in this kind of variety show. Although their duet was very good, it wasn’t anything novel, so their chances of winning weren’t that high either.

The third group was Jiang Yue and Gao Yizhi, and they also chose to act out a scene from a classic movie and improvised the plot for their performance. The originally sad ending of the movie was turned into a happy ending. After watching their performance, the audience applauded excitedly.

Finally, it was the last group’s turn. When Ye Fan and Sheng Jiaoyang appeared on stage, at their request, the lights on the stage were all dimmed. Then, the last two spotlights fell on two areas. One was on Ye Fan sitting in front of the piano, and the other was on Sheng Jiaoyang, sitting nearby on a tall footstool with a drawing board in hand.

A beautiful prelude resonated, but Ye Fan’s fans noticed that this melody wasn’t a prelude to any of his songs.

[I met you at just the right time

We both yearned for this

To have someone to spend the rest of our lives with

The best thing I could think of

Is that I’m your entire world

Your virtue and your grandeur

Only bloom for me from this moment onwards]

An unfamiliar and beautiful song flowed out of Ye Fan’s mouth naturally and smoothly.

The audience wanted to scream, but they were afraid to disturb him. They repressed their emotions and listened to him sing affectionately.

At the same time, Sheng Jiaoyang was also drawing non-stop. When the camera zoomed in on her, an image of Ye Fan sitting in front of the piano and singing took shape on the drawing board. Only the spot where he was singing was left white, whereas the rest of the paper had been painted black. The image really gave one the feeling of ‘In my eyes, you’re my entire world’.

“Your virtue and your grandeur only bloom for me from this moment onwards…” As soon as the song had ended, all the lights lit up at once.

At the same time, Sheng Jiaoyang had also completed her sketch.

“There’s no need for the audience to choose. Just based on Ye Fan’s efforts tonight, he’ll be crowned the Ultimate Ace!” sighed Wei Zhehan.

The audience erupted in a wild roar once again and everyone was shouting Ye Fan’s name as if this was his solo concert.

“Everyone, please quiet down first!” Liang Chen motioned for the audience to calm down and added, “Let’s take a look at what Xu Jiaojiao drew. Director, please zoom in on her sketch.”

The sketch in Liang Chen’s hand was displayed on the big screen.

“Wow! How impressive!” Everyone was amazed.

To finish a drawing within a single song’s time frame, her hand speed must be very high. Moreover, to draw fast while making sure it looks good…this was truly a test of skills.

“Alright, now pick up the voting device and vote for the Ultimate Ace! Three, two, one, start voting!”

In the end, as expected, Ye Fan won first place.

“Ye Fan, what’s the name of this song?” Liang Chen took the safflower…uhhh…the Ultimate Ace’s badge, and pinned it on Ye Fan’s clothes.

“I don’t know either.”

“You don’t know? Is it a new song that you’ve composed?”

“Yes, to be exact, it was composed impromptu tonight.”

“OMG!” Gasps of surprise filled the set.

“Ye Fan, you deserve being crowned tonight’s Ultimate Ace!” Liang Chen said.

“I also have to thank someone, she was the one who gave me the inspiration for this song.” Ye Fan turned to Sheng Jiaoyang, who was about to retreat, and said, “Gift me this drawing. I want to use it as the cover for my next album.”

Sheng Jiaoyang made a do-as-you-wish gesture.

Ye Fan revealed a bright smile, making the girls in the audience scream with excitement.

Liang Chen was extremely satisfied with today’s recording. He’d even come up with the title already: Ye Fan Writes An Impromptu Song, Fufeng’s Main Lead Suffers A Crushing Defeat!

This title would be incredibly eye-catching.

The host was satisfied, but Han Yaying, who’d originally thought that she was the most important guest on the show, was unhappy. Ye Fan stole the spotlight tonight, but who does Xu Jiaojiao think she is? She’s just a newcomer who became popular overnight by using scandals to create hype about herself! How dare she steal the limelight?!

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