Chapter 450: Difficult Decisions

What is he talking about? The elder obviously didn't know the meaning of the statement and pondered for a long time before he got a vague answer.

"What exactly... is your relationship with that... young and pale individual?" Due to the constant loss of blood, the elder stammered as he spoke.

Lu Wenshu shot the elder a cold glance and he decided to explain himself. "Her name is Luo Chu." The moment he was done speaking, he turned to leave.

Luo Chu? Why does this name sound so familiar? Where did I hear it before?

Feeling the blood dragon from his body, his thoughts seemed to come to a standstill. After some time, a face flashed through his mind and he felt that his mind was struck by a bolt of lightning. The evil dao witch...

Everyone knew that Lu Wenshu went crazy after her death. He even kicked disciples from his own sect out of the ruins of the Thousand Brilliance Temple when the Three Great Immortal Sects were present. Sentimental people never seemed to have good endings...

The words of a man on his deathbed definitely came from his heart. The elder managed to force his final words out of his mouth, "Wenshu... Listen to me. If people like us are too emotional, we will only cause harm to others and ourselves."

Lu Wenshu had already started to leave but a frown formed on his face when he heard what the elder said. "What do you mean?"

As the elder’s life flashed before him, he thought about the time when he failed to obtain the title of chief disciple of his sect. It was all because he fell in love with a young lady without spirit roots.

Just as the name implied, a person without spirit roots wouldn't be able to cultivate. His relationship was something his sect would never allow to happen. How could an outstanding person on the path of cultivation be allowed to mix around with such an ordinary person?

He heard something about a spirit medicine that could help someone grow a set of spirit roots, and he managed to obtain a portion of the medicine for her. He never thought that it would be a trap set up by his master, and the ‘medicine’ was nothing more than a deadly poison for mortals. Her end could be imagined as she died after ingesting the spirit medicine he fed her. As he stole the ‘medicine’ from the hall, he was imprisoned in the commandment hall for ten years by his sect and he lost himself.

The elder slowly narrated his life story to Lu Wenshu.

Lu Wenshu never imagined that the elder suffered so much in the past. The sword in Lu Wenshu's hand shook a little and he continued to walk away without saying anything.

"Wenshu, listen to me..." The advice didn't finish but the elder had already taken his last breath.

Perhaps it was due to their similar fate, Lu Wenshu felt a sense of empathy for him. He wanted to bring the elder’s corpse out for a proper burial, but he detected something strange with the ruins.

Why did it become hard to breathe? Is the ruins closing?

The more he thought about it, the more curious he became. After all, he was already at a dead end.

After exiting the passage, Lu Wenshu returned to the room with the doors. To his surprise, Pei Rumo was already standing there.

The duo looked at each other and saw the suspicion in each other's eyes. They immediately return to the entrance.

Just as they suspected, the ruins was about to collapse.

"What should we do? Luo Chu might still be inside..." Pei Rumo’s expression was gloomy and he felt that something was wrong. This wasn’t supposed to happen!

Lu Wenshu was rather frustrated as well. If only I didn’t activate the ruins...

Without any choice, Lu Wenshu compromised with Pei Rumo. "You shall guard the entrance. If anyone discovers any abnormality and wishes to leave, let them leave. If they wish to guard the entrance to take advantage of others leaving the ruins, kill them all. I will return to wait for Luo Chu.”

Lu Wenshu turned around and was about to leave. However, Pei Rumo felt that Lu Wenshu was trying to fight with him for merits and he called for him to stop. He stared at Lu Wenshu in dissatisfaction.

Lu Wenshu knew the look in Pei Rumo’s eyes. If he were the other party, he would also feel that it was unfair. After all, their intentions were obvious and if something were to happen, they hoped that they could be there for Bai Luochu.

"You are the first prince of the Cloud Water Nation, nothing must happen to you. Even if Luo Chu cannot escape, you have to leave. As for me, no one cares about me. If Luo Chu doesn’t plan on coming out, I will accompany her in the ruins forever.”

Lu Wenshu’s explanation was extremely reasonable. When he spoke, Pei Rumo could feel the sincerity in his voice.

Pei Rumo was startled as he didn't think that Lu Wenshu had considered it so thoroughly. He never thought about his status of whether or not he would be able to accomplish his task of protecting her. When he thought about how the Cloud Water Nation would fall into the hands of Pei Wuchen if he failed to return, he shuddered.

Ultimately, Pei Rumo lowered his arm and allowed Lu Wenshu to re-enter the ruins.

Lu Wenshu didn't say anything else and walked back inside. It was obvious that he had made the decision to accompany Bai Luochu no matter what happened.

The two of them never expected that they would have chosen the easiest route out. Compared to Bai Luochu who was still in the ruins, it could be said that their chances of dying were negligible compared to her.

Bai Luochu extended her spiritual energy to the limits and was trying to scout for as much information as possible. It was obvious that she was still trying to find the location of the Field Pearl Flower.

Too bad it was impossible no matter how hard she tried. She scanned all 16 paths but none of them gave her the information she wanted. She couldn’t help but feel dejected.

Fortune didn't come in pairs, while misfortune never traveled alone. It was fine even if she couldn't find the Field Pearl Flower, but she actually detected someone walking approaching them.

"Be careful, more people are coming." Bai Luochu turned her head slightly and warned Pei Qingfeng with a whisper.

Pei Qingfeng never expected to run into more people than traps along their way.

After looking at Bai Luochu's grave expression, Pei Qingfeng made fun of her, "Luoluo, aren’t you really popular, so many people are coming to give their lives up…”

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