Chapter 1655: The Beginning of Chaos

Grand Monarch Life Wood’s residual flesh power had a wondrous healing effect.

It was a blessing from the Tree of Life, and the unique feature of a life bloodline.

Since Nie Tian also carried a life bloodline, as he was now infused with such flesh power that brimmed with life force after suffering severe injuries, the compatibility between them was perfect.

His wounds healed at a visible speed.

Pei Qiqi and the others, however, faced the bones that were hovering around them with grim expressions.


Two streaks of lightning suddenly shot out of Yuan Jiuchuan’s eyes like two giant serpents.

Upon contact, they reduced a bone to scattering ashes, giving rise to a fierce cry.

Immediately afterwards, the numerous pale white bones started attacking Pei Qiqi and Feng Beiluo.

Yuan Jiuchuan was intentionally avoided.

“These bones are condensations of refined soul power and death power!” The Thunder Devil’s eyes lit up as he instantly realized that his lightning power could be used to deal with these illusory bones heavy blows.

That was something Pei Qiqi and Feng Beiluo couldn’t do.

The Thunder Devil suddenly became their main fighter. He quickly released his lightning domain, which consisted of many thunder pools. Each and every thunder pool burst forth with devastating lightning bolts.

In rolling thunder, the lightning bolts slithered through the void like heavenly serpents, reducing bone after bone to dissipating ashes.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian stayed where he was, floating motionlessly.

“Fifty percent, sixty percent, seventy percent...” He muttered inwardly, sensing the recovery of his fleshly wounds and the condensation of fresh Blood Essence. His expression gradually grew calm. “Almost there.”

“Nie Tian, the concentration of death power is rising rapidly,” Feng Beiluo said.

Thanks to the Thunder Devil, he and Pei Qiqi no longer needed to worry about the hovering bones, which was why they examined their surroundings.

They shrewdly discovered that the concentration of the death power in this area was rising rapidly now that Grand Monarch Life Wood’s body had turned into ashes and dissipated completely.

“The existence of Grand Monarch Life Wood’s body and his exuberant residual life power was the reason why the death Qi here was thin,” Feng Beiluo said. “Now that it’s gone, the death power that was originally gathered here is flooding back.”

“Some Bonedrudes are coming towards us,” Pei Qiqi suddenly said.


A streak of blood-red flesh aura shot out of Nie Tian’s chest and disappeared into Pei Qiqi’s chest.

A rich life aura instantly broke out. Like thousands of tiny lightning bolts, they flew to every corner of her body to fix her ruptured meridians, allowing her to recover from the backlash she had suffered from overly stimulating her space bloodline.

This recovery rate surpassed any medicinal pill she had ever taken.

Looking at her, Nie Tian took a deep breath and said, “Grand Monarch Life Wood’s residual power has helped me a great deal. Now, we need you. We need your help.”

All of a sudden, voices echoed out. Some Bonedrudes were shouting something in a language that was very hard to understand.

“Let’s go kill them!”

“Kill the intruders!”

“They’re in the area where that Floragrim grand monarch died!”

Before long, a group of Bonedrudes, who had been traveling and seeking to upgrade their bloodlines in the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones, entered the view of Nie Tian and the others.

None of these Bonedrudes were tall.

It seemed that they were only at the fifth or sixth grade, their eyes turning and flickering with the light of intelligence.

However, upon seeing Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, and the others, they were dumbstruck. “Humans? Humans from the Doomed Star Sea?!”

They scrambled to turn around and ran for their lives, as if they had seen the most horrible ghosts.

Pei Qiqi was baffled. “What’s going on?”

“I suppose they’re only low-grade Bonedrudes that were traveling in the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones,” Feng Beiluo said. “Age-wise, they’re only a bunch of teenagers. Their bloodline grades don’t allow them to go fight in the Doomed Star Sea yet. However, from their clan elders, they’ve learned that the humans in the Doomed Star Sea are the most vicious and deadly, and have slaughtered countless talented members of their clan.

“Just as our youngsters fear the three major races in the Void World, they fear us as well.”

“After all, we have indeed killed more grand patriarchs and grand monarchs of the three races than we can count in the Doomed Star Sea. Many of them might be considered figures of great talent from the generations that came before them.”

Pei Qiqi took a moment to think, and then nodded slowly.

“Let’s go,” Nie Tian said, sensing around by relying on his life bloodline. “I’ve found a new direction. It won’t be wrong this time.”


Then, Nie Tian took the lead and sped through the void like a lightning bolt, heading towards areas where the death power was the faintest.

The other three followed along in silence.

Pei Qiqi summoned her Space Boundaries Crystal. As she flew on, azure light burst forth from within her from time to time. Even her eyes grew brighter and brighter.

The flesh power essence Nie Tian had given her, which was infused with the fortune of life, continued to roam in her body and heal her bloodline.

They encountered a few groups of Bonedrudes along the way.

However, all of them were at low grades, and ran in fear upon the sight of them.

Nie Tian turned a blind eye to them, refusing to waste his power killing Bonedrudes that didn’t matter.

Feng Beiluo and Yuan Jiuchuan, however, struck out in every encounter, and bombarded those low-grade Bonedrudes into bone powder.

“Those Bonedrudes who are allowed to come temper themselves in the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones may become cornerstones of their race in the future. Even though their battle prowess isn’t worth mentioning now, they may very well grow into grand patriarchs and grand monarchs that’ll charge into the Doomed Star Sea and become our arch rivals later on.” With these words, Feng Beiluo smashed a fifth grade Bonedrude, shattering his every bone.

After an unknown period of time...

Nie Tian’s bloodline could no longer detect death power, which used to be everywhere. Even the starry river seemed brighter.

That was when he saw Bonedrude starships being surrounded and attacked by a large number of human hybrids.

All of the Bonedrude starships were on fire and exploding in places.

While Bonedrudes were being bombarded to death by human hybrids, human hybrids were being slaughtered by the Bonedrudes with death power.

This bloody battle was taking place right outside the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones.

While observing the battle, Feng Beiluo suddenly laughed and said, “It’s our people, young master. This is the Bonedrudes’ Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones. If our people are attacking a Bonedrude star fleet here, then it means battles like this are likely taking place in other parts of the Void World as well.”

Surprised, Nie Tian asked, “So they’re not here for us?”

Feng Beiluo shook his head. “I suppose not. If they knew that we were here, they wouldn’t have sent a force like this to attack the Bonedrudes.”

“Feng Beiluo! It’s you!” A somewhat fierce voice echoed out before a tall, slim, charming young woman flew over to them.

She was a hybrid, and her bloodline had reached the ninth grade.

“Which of you is Nie Tian?” she asked with a stern voice.

With a cold snort, Feng Beiluo said, “You need to address him as ‘young master!’ Watch your manners!”

The young woman curled her lips with a bit of disdain. “I’ll call him that after he returns to the Doomed Star Sea and wins everyone’s acknowledgment!” 

Finally, she laid her eyes on Nie Tian and asked, “You’re him, right?”

“Yes,” Nie Tian said plainly. “Who are you?”


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