Book 9 Chapter 74 - Ice Flower, Bloodstains

Lin Xi didn’t try to reason with these twelve sets of heavy armors again, because he knew that it was useless no matter what he said.

“Go in together?” He only turned around, looking at Gao Yanan and quietly asked this.

Gao Yanan gave him a look, quietly saying, “Okay.”

“You all stay back.” Lin Xi nodded. He said this to Meng Bai, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others, and then began to move towards the twelve sets of cold soul weapon heavy armors.

Out of absolute faith in Lin Xi, Meng Bai and Jiang Xiaoyi continued to stand in place.

When they saw that it was only Lin Xi and Gao Yanan who approached them, the twelves sets of soul weapon heavy armors’ eyes revealed even stronger cold mockery. The one in the lead made a hand signal and then only four sets of soul weapon heavy armor walked out from his side. The other eight sets of soul weapon heavy armors, including himself, didn’t make any movements.

When soul weapon heavy armors truly moved out, every single breath of time required large amounts of soul force. When four giant soul weapon heavy armors attacked two individuals, it would be difficult for other soul weapon heavy armors to provide any help, instead easily running into each other. Any soul weapon heavy armor general with experience, in this type of situation where the other party clearly didn’t want to escape, moreover wished to fight to the end, naturally wouldn’t waste their side’s fighting strength.

The moisture and steam coming from the distant lake seemed to become much stickier and heavier.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s two figures who seemed extremely frail and brittle silently approached the four black hobgoblin-like soul weapon heavy armors under the light of dawn.

Lin Xi’s steps were extremely steady, neither rushed nor too slow, as if he was only going for a stroll. However, when there were still a few dozen steps from these four sets of soul weapon heavy armors, his legs suddenly released a tearing noise. His entire body suddenly accelerated, his muscles as if exploding, starting to run crazily.

Gao Yanan also began to run, her stance of running looking even more light and graceful than Lin Xi’s, as if a green willow tree was swaying in the air, but her speed wasn’t lower than Lin Xi’s, following right at Lin Xi’s side.

The four sets of soul weapon heavy armors stopped in place, two helmets with dark eye sockets releasing nasty laughs.

As the bloodthirsty laughter sounded, the cultivators in these four sets of soul weapon heavy armor began to steadily pour their soul force into their soul weapon heavy armors. The four sets of heavy armor that were originally already flickering with glossy black radiance began to release streaks of dazzling dark green radiance.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! 

It was completely as if these four sets of steel armors’ electrical circuits were activated. The auras of the four sets of soul weapon heavy armors surged, even releasing overcast and heart shaking rumbling noises.

“Today is Lin Xi’s great battle against Transformers…”

However, what no one knew was that in Lin Xi’s head, he was actually currently thinking like this.

These four sets of soul weapon heavy armors, for a cultivator of his level, they were naturally extremely terrifying. Moreover, this was the first time he personally fought against this type of steel monster-like soul weapon heavy armor, so the pressure on his mind was bound to be great. However, this type of threat might not be as direct as directly jumping off a cliff.

He was indeed much calmer than what everyone else expected.

Lin Xi instantly rushed up to a set of soul weapon heavy armor like a streak of lightning.

When he was only a few steps from this soul weapon heavy armor, his feet pressed fiercely against the ground. Two waves of soul force rushed out from his feet. His body fiercely leaned forward, his body’s advancement speed immediately becoming much faster than before.

The moment his body fiercely leaned forward, he drew the longsword on his back with a turn of his hand, hacking towards this soul weapon heavy armor.

When faced with Lin Xi’s decisive blow, this soul weapon heavy armor was only a bit astonished, shocked that a cultivator at Lin Xi’s level could actually deliver such a fierce blow. However, his reaction wasn’t sluggish in the slightest. Just like when facing a powerful cultivator, this soul weapon heavy armor’s knee bent slightly, leaning forward a bit, immediately shifting his center of gravity lower. At the same time, his left hand was raised upwards, the black round shield meeting Lin Xi’s longsword with great precision.

However, this round black shield that was also flickering with streaks of green light didn’t make contact with Lin Xi’s longsword.

The momentum of Lin Xi’s strike was extremely resolute, already sending out all of his power through this sword stance, so there was no way he could change its direction in such a short amount of time. However, the moment the sword and shield were going to make contact, Lin Xi’s knee kneeled down.

His entire body suddenly became a bit broader. With his left leg’s knee as the pivot, he quickly slid forward. The longsword in his hand slid along the bottom of the black round shield, landing on the left rib area of this soul weapon heavy armor.

This type of soul weapon heavy armor that gave off the feeling of a standing black mermaid was made of many segments. There was a seam by the left ribs that was clearly intended to allow for mobility. From the very start, this opening was Lin Xi’s true target.

This set of soul weapon heavy armor’s shield missed, already completely unable to block Lin Xi’s strike. However, at Lin Xi’s side, with a chi noise, the other soul weapon heavy armor’s dark heavy spear swirling with green light already smashed fiercely towards the quickly sliding Lin Xi.

Wenren Cangyue’s subordinates were all people skilled at fighting. These soul weapon heavy armors were no exception to this.

Lin Xi understood extremely well that this heavy spear’s grasp over timing and distance were extremely accurate. If his own sword hit his intended target, this heavy armor’s spear would also penetrate his own body.

However, Lin Xi didn’t change his trajectory in the slightest.

It was because what he had to avoid in this battle was being overcautious and changing his actions from hesitation. Moreover, the one at his side was Gao Yanan.


The longsword in his hand cut into that crack in the soul armor with incredible precision. A streak of dazzling sparks was released from this armor.

At the same time, Gao Yanan’s black longsword also hacked into the heavy spear aimed at Lin Xi, a blast of sparks erupting at the same time.

In that instant, Lin Xi’s brows furrowed.

The feeling of the sword edge grinding against the other party’s armor was transmitted through his palm and fingers extremely clearly, clear acknowledgement appearing in his brain.

This crack looked like it could be cut through, but the inside was extremely tight and narrow. A sword edge would be stuck there, unable to cut inside.

The spear of the soul weapon heavy armor on the side faced Gao Yanan’s longsword. The face of the cultivator within was expressionless, the heavy spear wishing to forcefully continue, stab through Lin Xi, but indescribable shock immediately flooded his brain.

This type of privately forged black fish soul weapon heavy armor had many flaws, and only Soul Master level cultivators could put on and control this type of heavy armor. After putting it on, many joint areas would no longer be that nimble, complex movements not possible, only able to carry out some simple and direct attacks. However, this type of soul weapon heavy armor also had a natural superiority, the lack of mobility bringing even greater defensive strength, having even less weak areas. Moreover, this type of soul weapon heavy armor’s runes consumed a bit less soul force than standard soul weapon heavy armors of similar types, thus granting cultivators who put on this type of heavy armor more fighting time.

In addition, this type of soul weapon heavy armor’s power was even a bit stronger than that of standard soul weapon heavy armor of the same grade. Right now, when he thrusted out this heavy spear with all of his strength, the power definitely surpassed initial stage State Knight level cultivator strength. This type of power, against a Soul Master level cultivator, was naturally impossible to contend against.

He could tell that Gao Yanan was also only a Soul Master level cultivator, yet at this time, he discovered his own heavy spear seemed to have faced a great mountain.

The other party’s strength actually forcefully stopped his heavy spear from continuing, instead pushing it towards the ground!

His center of gravity was also lost because of this clash that was completely outside his expectations, his heavy body leaning downwards.

Including the heavy armor that Lin Xi hacked into, the other three sets of heavy armor also noticed this inconceivable scene. However, they were already used to facing cultivators a level higher than themselves, so in that instant, these heavy armors’ movements still didn’t show any sluggishness.

The heavy armor that was hacked into by Lin Xi forcefully brandished his spear, hacking towards Lin Xi’s waist. Another soul weapon heavy armor on the side took a step forward, a spear stabbing towards Lin Xi. Meanwhile, yet another soul weapon heavy armor moved fiercely, charging at Gao Yanan at Lin Xi’s side.

Lin Xi’s expression didn’t change.

When his first strike failed, he already assumed his next stance, rushing at the soul weapon heavy armor who was currently falling at Gao Yanan’s side.

The heavy spear aimed at his waist only missed by a few inches, brushing past.

Gao Yanan rushed up to his side with a single step, the longsword in her hands smashing into the heavy spear aimed at the middle of his back.

When the sword and spear clashed, a deafening metal striking noise sounded.

The soul weapon heavy armor who held this heavy spear couldn’t stand still either, taking a step to the side.

Right at this time, the other soul weapon heavy armor already moved behind Gao Yanan and Lin Xi, crushing down like a giant mountain.

In that instant, if it was a normal Soul Master, they wouldn’t be able to make any more evasive movements or strikes, but Lin Xi and Gao Yanan were both not normal cultivators.

The moment this soul weapon heavy armor’s heavy spear and round shield both reached out, crushing down towards Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, Lucky who had already returned to Lin Xi’s back reached out a claw.

A wave of soul force instantly turned into a blast of biting cold ice and snow, rushing at the body of the soul weapon heavy armor.

This soul weapon heavy armor only felt like its body sank to the bottom of a frozen lake.

His body in the soul weapon heavy armor only felt a momentary chilling coldness, not obstructed that much, but his eyes instead experienced intense pain, actually instantly becoming blind. Moreover, the icy coldness was still quickly invading his head.

In that instant, Gao Yanan reached out her left hand.

Her left hand struck forward, seemingly not possessing much strength.

However, the instant her hand struck out, this set of soul weapon heavy armor’s blast of white ice and snow suddenly condensed into countless crystal-like icicles. These icicles began to hack at this soul weapon heavy armor’s body like a waterfall.

Because of the icicles’ collisions with sturdy metal, this soul weapon heavy armor’s body that was already covered in frost instantly produced countless ice crystals.

Ice fragments spread across the sturdy and thick armor, cutting inside… Several dozen streaks of red blood extended out from within the armor.

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