Chapter 444: I Am Like a Bright Pearl During the Night

Zuo Zhentian was someone with absolute confidence in himself. His nickname, Purple King, was not something given to him for no reason. He had an Innate Lightning Celestial Physique that granted him absolute compatibility with lightning power. That was how he had come to be so strong at such a young age.

The so-called Innate Lightning Celestial Physique referred to a physique where one's stars could innately produce lightning power. But of course, the stars of someone with this physique could only store lightning energy. The benefit of this was that the owner of this physique was able to gather lightning energy far faster than other cultivators gathering other energies.

Even one Innate Lightning Celestial Physique could hardly be found among 10,000 people. One with this physique was destined for a great future the moment one was born. Otherwise, with only six stars, Zuo Zhentian would not have been able to display so much potential.

The number of stars one had represented one's potential, but the stars themselves also represented one's potential. If one had a good number of stars with good quality, one would have a top-tier physique.

If Zuo Zhentian had eight or nine stars in addition to his innate elemental stars, he would probably have already entered the Emperor Realm. Terrifying geniuses like this did exist in those super organizations. These were the people fated to stand at the top of the dominion in the future.

"You think you can bully us with your numbers? We're not afraid of you!" Long Yunfei shouted with a deep voice. Although he did not have any special physique, he was still someone with seven stars. He was naturally unafraid of Zuo Zhentian.

At this time, Yu Caidie spoke again, "Sister Ziyi, is it proper for you to provoke a fight like this? If you want to compete, we should compete for the yin devil wind instead."

Yu Ziyi froze slightly when her intention was exposed by Yu Caidie in front of so many people. However, she quickly calmed down and said, "Sister Die, you have mistaken my intention. If we can decide a victor right now, we won't have to harm each other at the devil wind beast's territory anymore, right? But since you are not interested, forget it. I am not interested in bullying others with numbers anyway."

"Yes, you are right. Look at them. They actually have a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator in their group. I'm starting to doubt Miss Caidie's eyes for allowing someone like this to join the fight for the yin devil wind," said a man beside Yu Ziyi with a sneer.

The man's name was Qian Xia'ao. His entire face was filled with pride, his head raised so high it almost felt like he was using his nose instead of his eyes to see. He had only recently reached ninth-stage Skysoar Realm, but nobody dared to look down on him as he was a King of Kings with few people his match in the same cultivation realm.

He had been standing there silently like a bystander all along, and he was surprised when he noticed a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator among Yu Caidie's group. One ought to know that the competition to be the next Holy Maiden of Yu Clan was extremely stiff, and the people these candidates had selected to help them would all be top geniuses with absolute strength.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a fourth-stage Skysoar Realm cultivator here. He initially thought that Xiang Shaoyun was hiding his strength using some treasure, but when he paid more attention, he concluded that Xiang Shaoyun was really just a fourth-stage King. After making that conclusion, he could no longer resist sneering at them.

Xiang Shaoyun did not intend to get involved in the argument. After all, this was the affair of the Yu Clan. Unless Yu Caidie herself was attacked, he had no interest in doing anything. His instinct was telling him that Yu Caidie would be his woman in this life, and he would not allow anyone to take her from him.

But even when he was trying to maintain a low profile, someone had still pointed him out. He couldn't help but to lament inwardly, I am like a bright pearl during the night. No matter how I hide myself, my brilliance can't be hidden.

Others would probably be filled with disgust if they knew what he was thinking. That was way too narcissistic. Huo Xudong was about to speak out for Xiang Shaoyun again, but Xiang Shaoyun stopped him. Meanwhile, Di Tong and Su Jun were standing there gleefully, waiting to see Xiang Shaoyun embarrass himself. They were curious what he could do against such clear provocation.

"Are you talking about me?" Xiang Shaoyun stepped forward and asked expressionlessly.

He was not going to hold back. Since this person was not part of Yu Caidie's group, there was no need to be lenient. In any case, he also needed to establish his dominance. Otherwise, everyone would continue seeing him as a weakling they could bully as they wished.

"Yes. So?" Qian Xia'ao replied with disdain.

"It's simple." Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "Since you look down on me, let's fight right now. The loser will have to withdraw from the competition. Do you have the guts to fight me?"

"Haha, a fourth-stage King like you is challenging me? Sure, I accept," said Qian Xia'ao as he howled with laughter.

Everyone else remained silent and watched on with amusement. The people from Yu Ziyi's group naturally wished to teach Yu Caidie's group a lesson. As for the people from Yu Caidie's group, apart from Huo Xudong, everyone else looked down on Xiang Shaoyun and wished that he would withdraw from the competition. Since Xiang Shaoyun himself had suggested the fight, none of them objected.

"Good. Let's fight outside the fort. Killing will be allowed," suggested Xiang Shaoyun with his eyes narrowed.

When Qian Xia'ao saw how confident Xiang Shaoyun was, his heart thumped slightly. He quickly readjusted his mental state and thought to himself, A mere fourth-stage King would only be able to defeat a King at the fifth or sixth stage even if he has an impressive combat prowess. It is impossible for him to skip so many stages and defeat me, a ninth-stage King.

"I agree. Come!" said Qian Xia'ao as he flew outside the fort.

Xiang Shaoyun followed closely behind him. The others also followed the two outside the fort.

Both Di Tong and Su Jun were sneering inwardly, Let's see how he's going to die now.

They did not believe that Xiang Shaoyun could win this fight. The gap between the two was too big.

"Sister Die, do you want to make a bet with me?" Yu Ziyi asked.

"What do you have in mind, Sister Ziyi?" asked Yu Caidie expressionlessly.

"If Qian Xia'ao wins, give me the Brightfeather Umbrella the clan had given you. If you win, I will give you my Moonwind Armor," suggested Yu Ziyi.

Yu Ziyi was speaking through voice transmission instead of voicing it out. After all, this was an absolutely one-sided bet. If others heard her, she would look like she was bullying her younger cousin. Yu Caidie did not agree right away. Instead, she frowned and sank into thought.

"Sister Die, if you are not confident, just say it. But I really have to say, your choice is quite—" Yu Ziyi started speaking provocatively, but before she could finish her words, Yu Caidie answered, "I accept."

The smile of someone succeeding in a scheme surfaced on Yu Ziyi's face. In her opinion, Yu Caidie was still too young. Just a little provocation was enough to make her agree. Meanwhile, the battle was on the verge of starting.

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