Chapter 790 Madness


“Ha ha ha ha ha! You think that I, Old Freak Coilmount, would care about the threats from your Xu Family? What a joke! Kid, you should just come with me. If you stay here, you will surely die.” Old Freak Coilmount turned to look at Chen Feng.

“Kid, I can see that you have quite the talent and body. I can accept you as my apprentice. As long as you are willing to accept me as your master, anyone who tries to trouble you will be treated as someone who is provoking me, Old Freak Coilmount. What do you think, kid?” Old Freak Coilmount said smilingly.

“I fear you will be incapable of fighting against the Xu Family,” Chen Feng replied with a chuckle. Then, with a beckoning gesture, the Treasured Ocean Pearl in his palm began rotating.

“Besides, it is not impossible for me to escape,” Chen Feng said.

Seeing the top-grade Dao artefact in Chen Feng’s hand, Old Freak Coilmount’s eyes flashed with light. Next, he released a peculiar snicker and the Blackwater Wyrm that he was riding charged towards Chen Feng.

Despite the display of arrogance from Old Freak Coilmount, he actually dared not make an enemy of the Xu Family. Thus, what he wanted to do at the moment was to capture Chen Feng.

“Old Freak Coilmount, you’re courting death here!”

“Attack! Kill them all. You fellows, go capture Chen Feng.”

“No matter how powerful your Xu Family may be, you still cannot kill all of us. If we loose cultivators join forces, we can even bring down your Xu Family! Everyone, attack together!”

This Old Freak Coilmount is actually an Earthen Immortal while the wyrm is a Yao Immortal. Heh! This is going to be interesting. Seeing the Blackwater Wyrm charging at him, Chen Feng did not feel worried at all.

Because the cultivators from the Xu Family had already rushed forward to intercept the wyrm.

Still not enough. These people are still not enough. Chen Feng shook his head as he displayed the Longevity Steps to flit about continuously through the crowd. As the number of cultivators there grew, it became increasingly easier for Chen Feng to handle the situation.

“Old Freak Coilmount, you sure are fast. However, it looks like you are no match for the Xu Family. Let me help you.” Suddenly, someone else came. Surprisingly, this person was also an Earthen Immortal. Everywhere the figure went, winds filled with wickedness would follow. Some cultivators were incapable of evading in time and were swept into the winds.

“Old Monster Blackwind, why did you come here?” Old Freak Coilmount’s face turned ugly to behold.

“The same reason you are here. That top-grade Dao artefact is not bad. I want it.”

“My ass! Who do you think you are?”

“Ha ha ha! Old Freak Coilmount, no matter how powerful you may be, you will not be able to deal with the Xu Family without my help. Let’s join forces. That would be for the best.”

“Very well. We’ll join forces. Once we get the items, we can discuss what to do.”

Two Earthen Immortals had chosen to join forces. Additionally, there were also the subordinates they brought along with them. Due to that, the cultivators from the Xu Family – despite their higher numbers – gradually began losing ground.

“Old Freak Coilmount! Old Monster Blackwind! You two are dead!” one of the Xu Family cultivators said furiously.

“Ha ha ha! That really sounds scary. However, to have those words come out from people like you, it is nothing more than just wind.”

Old Freak Coilmount was a starter-level Earthen Immortal. He would normally look down on even first-rate sects. Again, Earthen Immortals was the strongest existences within Eternal World. In Old Freak Coilmount’s opinion, even the act of killing off a few Xu Family cultivators would not be an issue, unless those Earthen Immortals from the Xu Family – those who would almost never reveal themselves – come out. Even if they did, they would not be able to take him down.

Additionally, Old Freak Coilmount also had the Yao Immortal stage Blackwater Wyrm on his side. Thus, he was practically able to charge forward unimpeded.

Old Monster Blackwind’s attacks were not to be trifled with either. In fact, his attacks were even more violent when compared to Old Freak Coilmount’s attacks. Hurricanes formed with black winds swept forward, ripping even space apart. Some cultivators there were swept up into the hurricane and they were utterly shredded in both body and soul.

It'd be great if a few more Earthen Immortals come. Chen Feng then began unleashing his killer moves. The Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead kept smashing about, killing off several Human Immortals in just one breath’s worth of time.

“Old freak, you block them first. I will go capture the kid.” Old Monster Blackwind’s speed was incredibly fast and he was able to move back and forth through the cultivators there like the wind. In just the blink of an eye, he had appeared before Chen Feng.

Old Monster Blackwind waved his hand and Chen Feng saw darkness enveloping his vision. It was as though he had entered a mysterious world. His entire body turned stiff as wave after wave of the power of wind tied him up.

This is his grand dao powers. As it is, I am no match for him. Chen Feng then kept all of his Dao artefacts and grasped. The semi-transparent silhouette of a lance appeared in his hand. Next, a gust of wind blew forth.

The lance appeared ordinary, but the aura it emanated easily tore apart the black winds swirling around Chen Feng. Even the shackles tying up Chen Feng’s four limbs were torn apart.

Immortal dao laws surged out forcefully and the unstoppable atmosphere of power radiating out from Chen Feng became similar to that of an ancient battlefield.


The lance easily stabbed forward, piercing through the void to advance without fail, destroying all in its path.

Its target of attack was none other than the one standing before Chen Feng, Old Monster Blackwind.

“Oh, shit! It’s an Immortal artefact!” By then, Old Monster Blackwind could already sense intense danger bearing down on him. Instantly, he ducked to the side. However, despite his incredible speed, the attack had still struck him. A banging sound rang out and half of Old Monster Blackwind’s body disappeared, bursting into a mist of blood. Some other Human Immortals also failed to evade in time and they cried out in misery as they too were blasted away.

The attack had failed to kill off Old Monster Blackwind. However, Old Monster Blackwind quickly transformed into a clump of bloody light before charging up into space, disappearing from sight in a flash.

Seeing that, Chen Feng was secretly shocked. Although the lance had only managed to leave a hole on Old Monster Blackwind’s body, the power of the Immortal artefact fired out from the lance would spread across Old Monster Blackwind’s body quickly. Generally speaking, those who were struck by this Immortal artefact would face certain death. However, Old Monster Blackwind had responded with lightning-like speed. He had instantly blown up the part of his body inflicted with the wound to unravel the power of the Immortal artefact spreading out from it. After that, he had utilized a secret technique to escape with the other half of his body.

Naturally, after reaching Old Monster Blackwind’s cultivation level, losing half his body would not kill him. He would simply need to pay a certain price to recover.

And yet, despite Chen Feng’s failure to kill off Old Monster Blackwind, his actions had managed to terrify the other cultivators. At any rate, he had nearly killed off an Earthen Immortal with just one move. What was going on here?

“Immortal artefact. It’s an Immortal artefact!” someone exclaimed.

“He is actually wielding an Immortal artefact! He really has an Immortal artefact!”

“To nearly kill off an Earthen Immortal with just one move, it has to be an Immortal artefact. This is bad. Run!”

Chen Feng snickered, brandishing the lance in his hand.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Mists of blood burst out. It did not matter if the cultivator was a starter-level Human Immortal or a high-level Human Immortal. In the face of Chen Feng’s attacks, all of them became as weak as ants.

Even Old Freak Coilmount was backing away, horror etched on his face. He was fearful that Chen Feng’s attacks would strike him.

“Hurry up and run! It’s an Immortal artefact! An Immortal artefact has appeared!”

“This guy wants to start a bloodbath!” Be it the cultivators from the Xu Family, loose cultivators or other forces, all of them ran in the face of Chen Feng’s mad display of attacks.


Suddenly, Chen Feng sprayed out a mouthful of blood and the semi-transparent lance silhouette in his hand turned dimmer.

Staggering, Chen Feng then quickly ran away. He was running towards… Void City.

“The kid is injured!”

“Is he really injured?”

“Something is amiss. Look at the Immortal artefact. It has become weaker. It must be because he cannot fully control the Immortal artefact!”

“Of course! How did I forget? He is just a Human Immortal. It is only natural that he cannot unleash the Immortal artefact’s full power. Look, he is injured now because of it.”

“Oh, no! We’re about to lose sight of him.”


In the beginning, all of them had been running away in fear after seeing Chen Feng’s attacks. However, the situation had changed. Chen Feng was now injured. Additionally, there was also the allure of an Immortal artefact. Due to that, their emotions went wild.

Another thing to note, when Chen Feng was utilizing the Immortal artefact earlier, the sky-vaulting atmosphere of power that it emanated had spread far and wide. Even cultivators who were hundreds of thousands of li away would be able to sense it.

The reason Chen Feng did that was to lure even more cultivators into Void City. Once Void City fell into a state of chaos, it would become easier for him to rescue Ye Ziming.

Naturally, Chen Feng was fine. Although the attacks he received earlier managed to wound him slightly, he had only needed several breaths’ worth of time to heal up all the wounds. As for the semi-transparent lance in his hand, it was not an issue for Chen Feng. Should it disappear, he can simply bring out another one from the Longevity Tower. At any rate, Tower was the one in charge of that. Thus, Chen Feng could feel at ease. Of course, the power of the Immortal artefact that he could bring out this way was greatly reduced.

Reduced as it may be, though, it was still the power of an Immortal artefact. Thus, it was sufficient for Chen Feng to deal with cultivators beneath the Ascendant Immortal stage. That was, assuming that his opponent was not in possession of an Immortal artefact as well.

Chen Feng ran faster and faster. In the end, he became like a stream of light as he entered Void City. Some of the cultivators who tried to block his path were all killed.

The moment Chen Feng entered Void City, the eight ocean yao guards quickly greeted him. Following Chen Feng’s instructions, the eight ocean yao guards had wreaked havoc within Void City upon entering. Thus, many of the buildings there had been reduced to rubble.

“All right. You fellows have performed your tasks well.” With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng brought the eight ocean yao guards into the Longevity Tower. As for Chen Feng, he abruptly thrust upwards with the lance. Next, the countless magic arrays and restrictive arrays that were up in the sky shattered apart.

After that, Chen Feng took a step forward and his figure flashed to re-appear in another location. Again, he repeated the same feat. He did that repeatedly and an uncountable number of the magic arrays and restrictive arrays set up around Void City were destroyed as a result. 

In the end, the magic arrays of Void City attacked Chen Feng. However, as Chen Feng possessed an Immortal artefact in hand, he did not feel concerned about the attacks aimed at him. Instead, he calmly took them on.

It’s more or less done. They should be coming as well. After that, Chen Feng tossed the semi-transparent lance out. It then slipped underground, disappearing from sight. As for Chen Feng, his figure blurred as he hid himself within void space.

The first to reach Void City were none other than the cultivators from the Xu Family. As for the other cultivators, upon entering Void City, they faltered for a moment. However, due to the allure of an Immortal artefact, they decided to act unscrupulously. Not to mention, Chen Feng had killed off a good number of cultivators earlier. Thus, the friends of the killed cultivators wanted to kill Chen Feng for revenge. Naturally, that was just their excuse for snatching the Immortal artefact.

“Everyone, leave Void City. If you do not, you will become an enemy of our Xu Family.” One of the Earthen Immortals in charge of protecting Void City finally spoke up, his voice spreading out like surging waves to jolt the minds of all who hear it.


1 li = 0.5 km

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