Chapter 789 Attracting Cultivators


I wonder who will take action first? Hopefully, some true experts will come. Chen Feng leisurely made his way out of Void City. Even after exiting Void City, he continued to maintain that leisurely rate of advance.

Although some had already speculated that Chen Feng was deliberately doing that to lure them out, there were still some who could not stop themselves.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the first few Human Immortals to appear did not want to attack him. Instead, they brought out some items of their own for a trade.

Helpless, Chen Feng decided to casually bring out several droplets of Dawnsource Crystal Water to trade with them and get them to leave.

Upon seeing the Dawnsource Crystal Water, the cultivators who were lurking around finally lost it. The first to take action was none other than the white-bearded old man who had attacked him a few days ago. This time, however, he was not alone. He had invited two helpers.

One was a young-looking cultivator while the other was a middle-aged cultivator.

Add the old man into the equation, this was a line-up of three high-level Human Immortals. Their appearance instantly shocked all the other cultivators. Even Chen Feng was feeling somewhat astounded. Three high-level Human Immortals were indeed somewhat tricky to handle.

Instantly, Chen Feng utilized the Blood Mustering Bead to protect himself. Then, displaying the Longevity Steps, he evaded two of their attacks and his figure flashed away to re-appear somewhere 10,000 zhang up in the sky.

“Fellow seniors, you three are high-level Human Immortals, after all. Putting aside the matter of you bullying someone at a lower cultivation level, you fellows are even ganging up on me? Do you not feel ashamed?” Chen Feng snickered. He appeared completely unconcerned about the current situation.

Hearing those words, the expression on the three cultivators’ faces instantly turned flushed. It was true. This action of theirs was indeed something shameful.

“Kid, as long as you hand over the Dawnsource Crystal Water, I promise you that I will not make things difficult for you,” the old man said.

“That would depend on whether or not you three can come up with something that can satisfy me,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Looks like you have no intentions of handing it over. If that is the case, do not blame me for bullying you!” the old man said, the staff in his hand breaking space to stir the winds and clouds as it swung towards Chen Feng.

“Sometimes, just because you are bullying the weak doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to get the benefits,” Chen Feng said, the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand flaring with bloody light. Surging waves of blood-coloured light swept out from the Blood Mustering Bead to assail the old man.

Next, Chen Feng laughed and the Lightning Bead flew out as well. Lightning surged out to form a storm of lightning, which swirled around Chen Feng non-stop.

Following that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a bloody lance appeared in his hand. Employing the Longevity Steps, he rapidly dashed forward to attack the other two cultivators.

A starter-level Human Immortal was taking the initiative to attack three high-level Human Immortals. Although he was relying on two Dao artefacts, this scene was still an astonishing sight to behold.

Witnessing that, the cultivators who were lurking around grew dumbfounded.

“Who is this guy? He is so audacious!”

“I got my hands on the latest piece of news. This youngster’s name is Chen Feng, an emerging power. He is the Island Lord of the ocean region’s East Dragon Island.”

“East Dragon Island? I did hear something about it. It is said that a great change had occurred to the ocean region around East Dragon Island and that a youngster had taken over the island. Could it be this youngster?”

“That should be the case. Don’t you see the eight ocean yao guards standing nearby?”

“How strange. East Dragon Island is probably over tens of millions of li away from here. Why did he come here?”

“He is the overlord of East Dragon Island. However, now that he is here, things are different. He is always putting on such an arrogant attitude. The consequences of doing so will be very dire.”

“Not necessarily. Don’t you see the two Dao artefacts in his possession?”

“It doesn’t work that way. Although Dao artefacts are very powerful, the youngster’s personal strength is relatively weak.”

That was indeed the case. If Chen Feng had reached the mid-level Human Immortal stage, he would have no problems in utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead to kill off the three cultivators. At present, however, despite the sky-surging blood-coloured light, despite the bursts of lightning radiance, despite Chen Feng seemingly having the upper hand, Chen Feng himself was aware that he was not actually in a winning position.

My foundation is still not stable enough. If I can have a bit more time, just one or two years to stabilize my cultivation base of the Human Immortal stage, I will not have such a hard time fighting these three fellows, Chen Feng thought.

However, the ones who were most surprised were none other than the three cultivators fighting Chen Feng. Three high-level Human Immortals fought a starter-level Human Immortal to a tie. The fight itself was already a highly shameful act for them. If news of this were to spread out, how were they to continue on in the world of cultivation? How many cultivators would turn them into laughing stocks?

“Kid, why bother? Just hand over the Dawnsource Crystal Water. Even if you manage to drive us off, do you think you can survive the murderous pursuit of others?” The old man sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng.

“If you want to snatch my Immortal artefact, just attack! What’s the point in spouting all this drivel?!” Chen Feng suddenly shouted loudly, his voice spreading through a distance of over 5,000 kilometres. Even all the cultivators in Void City could clearly hear every word he said.

“What? He has an Immortal artefact on him? If only I’d known, I would never have allowed him to leave, no matter what!” The higher-ups of the Xu Family began regretting their decision.

Even for a first-rate family like the Xu Family, an Immortal artefact was incredibly important. It was something that could be utilized as a sect guardian magic treasure. Even Earthen Immortals would fight viciously to snatch an Immortal artefact.

“Don’t delay it anymore. Attack! Capture Chen Feng!” The higher-ups of the Xu Family instructed.

“What? An Immortal artefact?!”

“No wonder the old man would so desperately take action. And here we thought it was just for the Dawnsource Crystal Water.”

“We were too careless! This fellow actually possesses an Immortal artefact! Attack! Guys, attack!”

The cultivators who were lurking in the dark went mad. How attractive was an Immortal artefact? No one could say for certain. However, whenever an Immortal artefact appeared in the world of cultivation, a storm would set off and countless old, monstrous characters who were hiding themselves would raise their heads.

In the beginning, the old man and his companions did not understand what Chen Feng was up to. Next, however, seeing countless other cultivators dashing out from hiding to attack Chen Feng, the faces on all three sank.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” the old man shouted.

That was truly the case. All of the cultivators there believed that this action from Chen Feng would lead to a siege from countless cultivators. In the end, Chen Feng would definitely end up getting captured. He would meet a highly wretched end.

Even so, now that all the cultivators had chosen to take action, the old man’s team could no longer get what they wanted.

While attacking Chen Feng, the cultivators also treated the other cultivators as opponents. They would attack each other, resulting in an incredibly chaotic situation. Although the old man and his companions were all high-level Human Immortals, facing the attacks from tens of other Human Immortals was still a highly vexing matter.

The old man’s mind raced and he quickly shouted, “Everyone, don’t be reckless about this! Let’s capture this kid first!”

“That’s right! Who knows if this kid actually has an Immortal artefact or not? Maybe he is lying.”

Despite that, all of the cultivators were still intent on capturing Chen Feng for themselves. Thus, the fight only grew more chaotic.

By then, the ocean yao guards had already joined the battle as well. Chen Feng waved his hand and a stream of essence of the ocean flew out to split up in mid-air before flowing into the ocean yao guards’ bodies respectively.

“Essence of the ocean! That is even more valuable compared to Dawnsource Crystal Water!”

“Snatch it! Kill the ocean yaos!”

Some of them rushed towards the ocean yao guards. The ocean yao guards, on the other hand, had already received Chen Feng’s instruction to hurry up and run towards Void City. As predicted, as they were running towards Void City, a group of cultivators dashed madly after them. However, even more cultivators rushed forward to surround Chen Feng. 

At that very moment, there were three layers of barrier protecting him.

The three layers were from the Blood Mustering Bead, Lightning Bead and Treasured Ocean Pearl. Despite the high number of cultivators besieging Chen Feng, they were incapable of breaking his defence. At least, not anytime soon.

“A top-grade Dao artefact! This kid actually possesses a top-grade Dao artefact!”

“How could this kid possess so many Dao artefacts? He must surely also possess an Immortal artefact!”

Chen Feng had not brought out a single Immortal artefact for the fight. And yet, just the three Dao artefacts that he brought out – especially the top-grade Dao artefact – were enough to ignite their greed.

A top-grade Dao artefact. That was the strongest magic treasure beneath the Immortal tier. It was also the magic treasure commonly used by Earthen Immortals. As for all the cultivators present, they were only Human Immortals. If they could obtain the Dao artefact, their strength would increase several folds. 

“You fellows must have a death wish! Do you know who my master is? My master is an Immortal Human from the Immortal Plane! If you kill me, none of you will be able to live!” Chen Feng shouted. At the same time, the Treasured Ocean Pearl abruptly shook before charging towards the two Human Immortals who were standing closest to Chen Feng. As a result, the resulting shockwaves quaked them to death. Even their souls were dispersed in the end. 

“Nonsense! Why would an Immortal Human from the Immortal Plane come to Eternal World? That’s impossible!”

“The way I see it, he must have obtained the treasure hoard left by an Immortal Human from the Immortal Plane. Why else would he possess so many good items on him?”

“Everyone, capture this kid first!”

“With just this level of strength, you guys want to kill me? I can kill all of you!”

He furiously hurled forth the Blood Mustering Bead and it unleashed a sudden explosion, becoming like a blazing sun. Instantly, several more Human Immortals were killed off. At the same time, however, the Blood Mustering Bead was struck by several magic treasures as well. Amongst them were two low-grade Dao artefacts.

Due to that, the Blood Mustering Bead shook and flew back into Chen Feng’s body.

“Descent of Lightning!”

Ten thousand lightning bolts spread out around Chen Feng and all of the cultivators around him were inundated by lightning powers.

“Everyone, let’s fight off this attack together! No matter how powerful this fellow may be, he is alone!”

“That’s right! It doesn’t matter if he possesses an Immortal artefact or not. Just snatching away a Dao artefact will be good enough!”

“Scram! Island Lord Chen is a friend of our Xu Family!”

A thunderous voice rang out as the cultivators from the Xu Family finally arrived.

Due to that, the chaotic situation fell into a state of silence. The Xu Family was practically the super overlord here. They were not an existence that loose cultivators like them could casually offend.

“You think your Xu Family is formidable? I, Old Freak Coilmount, don’t give a damn about you fellows! This kid is mine. I will kill anyone who dares interfere.”

Somewhere far away, a gigantic wyrm, over 500 kilometres in length, broke through space and flew forward. Standing on the head of the wyrm were around 10 cultivators. With the appearance of the wyrm, the subdued atmosphere instantly broke into an uproar once more.

“That’s the Blackwater Wyrm! Old Freak Coilmount is here! We have a show going!”

“That’s right! Although the Xu Family is very strong, Old Freak Coilmount is more savage. If the two of them get into a fight, we will be able to fish in troubled waters.”

“Old Freak Coilmount, you came just in time. Without you, we would’ve been forced to retreat.” Despite no prior discussions, several of the high-level Human Immortals there spoke up in unison.

The faces on the Xu Family cultivators sank. Even so, their leader said coldly, “Old Freak Coilmount, this does not concern you. You should not interfere in this matter. If you offend our Xu Family, then, no matter how powerful you may be, your good days will come to an end.”


1 zhang = 3.333 m. 10,000 zhang could also mean very high or very deep.

1 li = 0.5 km

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