Chapter 307. Roaming Galmoss (4)

Eder had summoned a variety of undead, including Flaming Zombies, Poisonous Ghouls, Skeleton Warriors/Mages, Dullahans, and Death Knights. 

The Poisonous Ghouls rushed in with their sharp purple nails, the Skeleton Warriors dragged their rusty swords across the floor, and the Skeleton Mages' eye sockets blazed with deep blue fire. 

The Dullahans, whose severed heads hung from their sides, and the Death Knights, who'd returned to life after hearing their master's call, rode on skeleton horses. 

"Attack!" Eder pointed his skull staff at Galmoss. 

Kuaah! Rattle, clatter, rattle!

The undead cried out and/or their bones rattled as they charged at the Roaming Galmoss. 

"Hoo, hoo." 

Eder looked exhausted. It was only natural. After all, he'd summoned an army of 200 undead all at once! In order to maintain his hold over them, he needed absolute concentration and a huge amount of MP.

'Can we really hold out for a minute?' 

The undead he'd summoned were between level 200 and 300. The Death Knights were the highest level, but he'd summoned very few of them.

On the other hand, Galmoss was level 400. Moreover, it was a boss monster that possessed power that exceeded its level! 

Even if he were to summon more undead, he wouldn't be able to take it down. He was just trying to buy Kang Oh a minute to recuperate.

"Hide yourselves and buy time!" Eder yelled.

Darion, Soren, and Karin understood the implications. In other words, 'Stay alive until Kang Oh has recovered!'.

'If we manage to hold out until then, then we can beat it!' Darion, Soren, and Karin all thought the same thing, and hid themselves amongst the undead army.

However, 1 minute was way too long. The Reaper of Souls released a massive energy blast. 

Avalanche of Despair!

"Do whatever it takes to survive!" Darion yelled from amidst the undead army.


The fan-shaped blast devoured the undead army. More than half of the undead had been destroyed by the avalanche. 

'You monster.'

Eder was the farthest away from Galmoss, so he wasn't caught in the Avalanche of Despair. That's also why he was able to see Galmoss rip through his undead army in a single stroke.

Galmoss's strength was frightening. However, they still had hope; hope known as Kang Oh! 

"Undead, keep going!" Eder yelled calmly. 

Fortunately, the undead, which were immune to fear, obediently obeyed their master's command. 


Galmoss swung its sword. Several Skeleton Warriors, zombies, and Dullahans fell, as if they were puppets whose strings had been cut. Despite that, the undead army kept advancing. 

Several gray blades appeared above Galmoss's head.

Ghost-Possessed Swords!

Whizz, whizz, whizz!

It unleashed a shower of blades. Unfortunately, some of those blades made contact with Kang Oh's party. 

"Soren!" Karin yelled regretfully. 

Two gray blades had pierced the Gravity Witch's chest. 

"Mr. Darion, please take care of Soren!" Karin said urgently. 

Darion rushed over and held her in his arms. She hadn't died yet, though her HP was teetering on empty. He immediately brought her over to Eder. 

"Please lay her down." Eder pulled out a golden 'egg' from his bag and placed it in her mouth. Then, her body began to shine.

"Hueup!" Eder pulled out the blades in her chest. Large shards of light exploded from her chest. If Eder hadn't given her that drug, then she would've died.

Eder quickly pulled out the two blades. Once he did, the two blades turned to smoke. 

First Aid!

He rubbed ointment over the wounds and wrapped them in bandages. Her faint breathes had become much healthier than before.

As expected of a Master Healer!

"She's alright now. Now she just needs some time to heal. Mr. Darion, please keep her safe."


However, protecting her didn't seem like an easy task. Galmoss's blade had killed the final undead.


In a flash, Galmoss was right in front of Eder, Darion, and Soren.

"Tch!" Darion rushed forward and swung his gladius. 'I'm going to protect my teammates!' 

That's the only thing that was on his mind. However, it didn't work out as he wanted.


The Reaper of Souls passed through his body.


Just one hit and Darion was on the brink of death.

"Stop, you bastard!"


Karin's Sand Fist struck Galmoss head-on. It did a little bit of damage, but that's all!

Galmoss kept swinging its sword. It targeted Eder this time! 

Eder threw himself out of the way. He had attempted to dodge its blade, but the attack was too fast, so his right leg was sliced through.

"Ugh." Eder furrowed his brow and fell to the floor.

Galmoss raised its blade into the air. Soren was laying right in front of it.

"No!" Karen desperately yelled. However, there was no way of stopping it.

It swung its sword at the defenseless Soren.

At that moment...

A jet-black demon appeared beside her. It was Kang Oh!

After taking Eder's drug and recovering some of his Stamina, Kang Oh had used Abyss Transfer to reappear here. 

Kang Oh cradled her in his arms and kicked off the floor. He wasn't slow like Eder; he was fast enough to dodge the lightning quick Reaper of Souls.


Ultimately, the Reaper of Souls missed its target.

"Hoo, that was close." Kang Oh sighed in relief. If he'd been a little bit late, then Soren would've died. He was glad that he was able to save her. 

"Oppa!" Karin yelled joyfully. 'Kang Oh Oppa is finally back!'

"Karin! Gather up Soren, Darion, and Eder, and protect them. The ghost-possessed swords may come flying at you."

"Then what about Galmoss?'

"Just focus on protecting them. I'm going to take him down myself."

"Understood. Come out, Momo!"

Summon Sand Golem!

The golem gathered all of Karin's injured teammates with its long, thick arms. 

Kang Oh rushed at Galmoss like a comet, his jet-black tail swishing through the air behind him. Galmoss responded immediately.

Cross Slash!

The cross-shaped blast flew right at him. Since this was still the third phase, Galmoss's attack was doubled.

"Huahp!" Kang Oh swung his sword.

Tempest Tiger!

The golden aura and the Cross Slash clashed. The two blasts tangled together, both sides vying for supremacy. 

Then, Kang Oh horizontally swung his sword.

Abyss Claw!

Adding the jet-black aura caused the balance of power to shift in his favor. The Cross Slash dissipated, and a blast of gold and black struck Galmoss head-on.


It created a hole in Galmoss's chest. Large shards of light burst out, but the perforated area quickly regenerated. At the same time, immense energy began to surge from Galmoss's sword. It was Avalanche of Despair.

'Damn it!'

How many times would it use that ridiculous ability until it was satisfied?

Rather than dodge or retreat, Kang Oh chose to move forward. There was only 1 meter separating him and Galmoss!

Then, the world slowed. No, it hadn't actually slowed. Demon Sword Ubist just moved so quickly that it seemed like everything was slow in comparison.

Transcendent Blade!

His blade flashed.


He'd already swung his blade. Only after was Galmoss's body split in two.

Gluttony, Transcendent Blade, and Abyss Blade had overlapped, allowing him to perform this feat. Moreover, he'd struck Galmoss's weakness as indicated by his Hyper Intuition!

Clear red shards of light spilled from its body like autumn maple leaves.It was clear that it'd taken a significant amount of damage. However, it wasn't dead yet.

"Haahp!" Kang Oh attempted to swing downwards.

However, Galmoss's condition was strange. Black smoke rose from its body.

'Is this the 4th phase?' 

He stopped, but he kept up his guard. 


Fortunately, there was no 4th phase.

Galmoss's body began to scatter like smoke. The destructive energy that'd gathered around its blade disappeared like snow on a warm spring day.


The Reaper of Souls fell to the ground.

[You have defeated Roaming Galmoss.]

[Roaming Galmoss is a unique boss monster.]

[Fame has increased significantly.]

[Galmoss drops items that bear its name.]

[You have defeated a unique boss monster. Combat-related side stats have increased.]

[Gluttony is active. Stats have been stolen.]

[Physical +1]

[You have leveled up.]

"Uwaaa!" Kang Oh clenched his fists and cheered. 'I beat Galmoss. The 100 million won ($100,000 USD) is mine!'

"Mr. Kang Oh!"


"Wow, we won!"


Eder, Darion, Karin, and Soren, who'd been protected by the Sand Golem, popped out and cheered. They yelled, embraced each other, and made a huge fuss for quite some time! 

* * *



"Wow, he actually beat it!"

Having seen Kang Oh defeat Galmoss in real-time, Jin Cheol and his staff members clapped and cheered.

Defeating an unbeatable monster would definitely be a hot topic of conversation. Plus, it was Kang Oh who'd performed the feat, someone who people were still extremely interested in!

'The viewership will be amazing!' Everyone here was thinking that. 

"Hey, Byung Jae," Jin Cheol said. 


"When you get the original footage from Mr. Kang Oh, create some amazing promotional material and a trailer."

"Yes, sir!" Byung Jae immediately replied.

"Speak with the contestants and set a date for the next shoot ASAP."

Since Kang Oh had defeated Galmoss, the contestants had to return to the studio. GBS would reveal the next monster there, and the contestants would choose their order. 

"Strike while the iron is hot. PR Team, get this to the news, and everyone else, get ready for the next shoot."

"Yes," his subordinates replied simultaneously.

"Alright then, get a move on!" Jin Cheol clapped and encouraged his team. The staff's writers began to bustle about.

He stared at the TV screen, where Kang Oh and his team were hugging each other, and said, "Let's work together for a long time, Mr. Jae Woo!"

To him, Jae Woo was like a goose that laid golden eggs.    


* * *

When they'd had about enough of celebrating, named Ghost Knights began to gather in the jousting arena. 

"What's going on?" Kang Oh furrowed his brow.

He hadn't expected this at all! But they wouldn't be an issue. Named Ghost Knights were low level monsters, so it didn't matter how many of them there were.

However, they hadn't come here to fight.

"Galmoss is dead!"

"Aah, finally!"

"We're... free."

The Ghost Knights of Taksen Castle had originally been NPCs. But for some reason, they became ghosts after their death. Thus, their intellect was high, as they had memories of their past life, and they were monsters that you could talk to.

After all, Kang Oh had spoken to Angel Grancia before, and had gotten a clue regarding Demon Sword Blood in the past.

One Ghost Knight glided over. It was a familiar face.

"Mr. Angel!" Kang Oh yelled.

"It really was you!" Angel recognized him.

"Where were you? I came to visit just a little while ago, but I couldn't find you anywhere... I thought you'd completely disappeared."

"I was hiding from Galmoss on the ceiling. I kind of got on its nerves."


"Anyhow, thanks." Angel respectfully nodded his head.

"For what?"

"Killing Galmoss has freed us!" 

Kang Oh had somewhat realized what their circumstances were. "You were trapped here because of Galmoss?"

"That's right. Galmoss is a monster born from several vengeful spirits that failed to protect their masters. It forcefully transformed knights' souls into ghosts and kept them here."

The Ghost Knights, who'd been forcefully transformed into ghosts and kept here against their will, had all dreamt of freedom. For some, escaping Tasken Castle was freedom, and for others, dying was freedom.

Angel was the latter. He wanted to finally rest in peace.

"We're free now. I imagine we'll all go our separate ways now. I'd like to thank you again on everyone's behalf."

"If you're that thankful, then give me something before you go," Kang Oh said jokingly.

"As you can see, I have nothing on me." Angel extended his bare hands.

"Rest in peace." Kang Oh grinned and waved his hand.

"Stay healthy, and don't become a ghost!" Angel's body flew into the air. The other Ghost Knights did the same.

They got into formation, did a lap above Kang Oh's party, and then flew into the air.

At some point, there was a 'boom' as if firecrackers had gone off, and they dispersed in different directions.

It was truly a magnificent sight to behold! 

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