Chapter 267. Ruler of the Snowy Plains, Travium (1)

Imagine two speeding trains crashing into each other. Neither train would remain unscathed. That applied to Kang Oh and Dion too. 

Their swords passed by each other. 

Stab, stab!

They stabbed each other's chest! 

The two suddenly stopped. If they pushed any harder, then they would both be finished! 

However, Kang Oh and Darion didn't take it any further. This was nothing more than a spar, after all. There was no reason to take each other's lives. 


A gladiator looked at his pocket watch and yelled, "It's been 10 minutes."

Kang Oh and Dion simultaneously pulled out their swords.

"I lost." Dion gracefully accepted defeat.

"If we'd have fought any longer, then I would've lost," Kang Oh said modestly, which was very much unlike him. 

His lips curled upwards. 'I saved my money!'

By winning the duel, Kang Oh could use the 100 Fighters however he wanted free of charge. Thus, he couldn't help but smile.

"I can understand why Lord Valan chose you as his successor. That was fun."

Dion's personality matched his face. He was straightforward and didn't hold grudges like a true man.

"I learned a lot from you too." Kang Oh bowed his head.

Clap, clap, clap, clap.

The 100 Fighters applauded them. Though it wasn't the best match they'd ever seen, it was still an amazing match worth recognition.

A short while later...

The applause died down, and Kang Oh and Dion began talking about their impending hunt.

"You wanted twenty of our best, right?"

"Yes. But I'll also need 5 tanks. The rest of them can be damage dealers."

"I'll get you what you want."

"You're included in that too, right?"

"Of course. But what about healers?" Dion asked. 

When creating a raid team, healers were paramount.

"I have to go and find some."

"How many do you need?"


"I'll take care of the healers too. We'll bring some priests from the Rakan Church."

"Oh. I'd be very grateful, but why are going so far for me?"

"The 100 Fighters go on missions with the Rakan Priests, so we work together well. I'm only doing what I have to in order to increase my men's chances of survival."

"I see." Kang Oh nodded his head.

"We can go over the specifics later."


With this, Kang Oh had completed his raid team.

Twenty of the 100 Fighters, which included Dion, six priests from the Rakan Church, and finally, Kang Oh, Eder, Sephiro, and Darion. In total, they had 30 members.

* * *

Jae Woo entered a cafe, a hat covering his face.

'He's not here yet?'

He didn't see who he'd agreed to meet. Jae Woo checked the time, and realized that he'd come a bit early.

Jae Woo ordered a drink, and sat down at a corner table.

A short while later...

The cafe door opened, and in came a familiar face.

"Huh? Am I late?" GBS producer, Park Jin Cheol, scratched the back of his head.

"No, I came a bit early." Jae Woo waved his hand. 

He wasn't late; Jin Cheol had actually come 10 minutes early.

"Have you been well?"

"Of course. You seem to be doing well yourself," Jae Woo said. 

"Predator was amazing. I've been doing good lately!" Jin Cheol said.

After being edited, Kang Oh's fight with Draka was shown in a TV program called Predator

"I enjoyed the money you gave me for it too." Jae Woo grinned.

"Where have you been as of late?" Jin Cheol asked. 'Do you perhaps have any good footage for me?'

"I can't tell you exactly where I am right now. But I can tell you that it's quite the interesting place."

At the moment, Jae Woo possessed footage of him exploring Despia and hunting its various monsters. However, he had no intention of selling this footage right away. 

'I'll hold off on selling it until I get more out of Despia.'

If he sold the footage now, then players would find the way to Despia. That wouldn't bode well for him. 

'I'll sell the footage after I've gotten everything I can there, or people figure out how to get there themselves.'

"It's an interesting place, but you can't tell me where it is... I'm looking forward to it." Jin Cheol rubbed his hands together. He was clearly excited. 

"Please look forward to it. Anyway, why did you call me today?" Jae Woo asked.

Jin Cheol had asked for them to meet.

"I'm putting a TV show together."

"Mm, I see."

"Would you please take a look at this proposal?" Jin Cheol passed him a tablet.

Jae Woo began looking over the proposal.

"First Kill?"

Jin Cheol's new program was tentatively called 'First Kill'.

"First Kill is a working title. The entire concept of the show is hunting boss monsters that have never been killed before," Jin Cheol said.

Jae Woo perused through each page of the proposal.

'The targets include the Roaming Galmoss, Mt. Croc's Benolov... Wukong's there too.'

They were all boss monsters that Kang Oh knew about. There were raid bosses like Wukong, and normal boss monsters like Benelov; however, Benelov's difficulty was so high that no one had killed it yet.

"Hmm, even I wouldn't be able to beat all of these," Jae Woo said. Especially Wukong, who'd beat all 5 of the great guilds. He was a monster among monsters!

"Of course, you won't have to hunt them alone. You'll have a team with you. We at GBS will do our best to provide you with the best team possible."


"I believe you'll be able to kill these previously undefeated monsters." Jin Cheol desperately wanted Jae Woo to star in his program.

Jae Woo, or his in-game character, Kang Oh, was incredibly famous and recognizable. If Jae Woo went on the program, then at worst, their viewership would be average. 

But what if Kang Oh, who'd made a name for himself by hunting monsters, managed to kill these unbeatable boss monsters? 

This could definitely work!


"I politely decline," Jae Woo replied. 

"What? Why?"

"I'd like to concentrate on the area I'm exploring right now."

As of right now, only Kang Oh had discovered Despia. But it wouldn't stay like that forever. After all, there are so many people who play Arth. Thus, Kang Oh decided to invest as much of his time in Despia as possible before other players caught wind of it. 

"Mm, you won't change your mind in a month?" Jin Cheol asked. He was essentially asking, 'Would you reject if I made you the same offer a month from now?'. In other words, he was willing to give him some more time.

"I'm not sure."

He'd need to spend more time in Despia to know for sure. 

"I'll wait a month. Please give me an answer then," Jin Cheol said. That's just how much he wanted Jae Woo to star in his program.

"You don't need to do that." Jae Woo waved his hands. 'That puts too much pressure on me! Don't do that!'

"I've prepared some other programs too. I can just proceed with them first," Jin Cheol said.

"Mm." Jae Woo scratched the back of his head. It'd feel awkward to refuse after being given all that extra time.

However, it didn't feel right to flat out refuse his offer. Thus, Jae Woo could do nothing but nod his head.


"I'll be looking forward to your response." Jin Cheol grinned. Just the fact that there was potential there was good enough for him.


"Then, if you'll excuse me."

Jae Woo and Jin Cheol shook hands, and parted ways. 

* * *

The Holiseum's underground auditorium.

Kang Oh's raid team assembled here. This included Dion and the 100 Fighters' elites, the Rakan Priests, Kang Oh's party, and Darion!

"Haa, why am I even here?" Darion sat in the corner, his expression like that of a cow going off to the slaughterhouse.

Kang Oh had somehow managed to scrounge up exactly 30 members!

Man Bok participated in the meeting too. He would listen in on the meeting, and provide whatever supplies they needed.

"Let's begin the meeting," Kang Oh said. "We'll first discuss what we know about Travium." Kang Oh signaled Sephiro to speak. 

Sephiro stood up from his chair. "Travium is a giant, bipedal bear. It wears a breastplate and wields an axe made of ice as well," Sephiro said. "It's over level 400. We found a few other things in the library too."

"Like what?" Kang Oh asked.

"Its axe is an SS-rank weapon called the 'Glacier's Tear'."

"What are its abilities?"

"It can create a glacier wherever it wishes. There's a high chance that it has other abilities, but we couldn't find anything regarding them."

"Which means that a glacier can come at us at any time," Kang Oh clarified.

"That's right. But apparently, there's a mark that designates where a glacier will appear."

"Everyone, please keep a lookout. Any other info?"

"Travium can stomp on the ground and cause an earthquake. It also roars, which has the same effect as an aging curse," Sephiro said.


"That's it."

That was everything Sephiro and Eder had found from the library.

"We don't have enough information," Dion said.

"We have no choice but to experience it firsthand," Kang Oh said.

"Mm." Dion nodded his head.

"I also have something to tell you regarding the dungeon." Kang Oh stood up. "The dungeon is extremely cold. Thus, your movements are slowed, and you continuously lose HP."

"It's seriously cold," Sephiro said while shaking.

"You'll need winter clothes," Man Bok, who'd been quietly listening, said.

"Yes. And we'll need items that'll keep us warm," Kang Oh said.

"I'll provide everyone with some thermal stones."

Befitting their name, thermal stones radiated heat. If they wear winter clothes and place the thermal stones underneath, then they'll be able to endure the harsh cold.

"It might be expensive, but please get us some excellent winter clothes that's easy to move around in," Kang Oh said. 

"Understood," Man Bok immediately replied. 

"Ah, we'll need cold resistance potions too. Of course, we'll also need health potions, food, medicine, and other supplies like maintenance tools or return scrolls."

"Leave it to me. I'll get it all for you." 

Kang Oh turned away from Man Bok and looked at his teammates. 

"D-Day is in three days!" 

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