Audiobooks Live! Two New Novels!

Hi everyone, two sets of announcements here with many more coming into the holiday break!  At long last, the first batch of audiobooks mentioned in this post are here!  You can find them at the top of the navbar, or directly at this link!  Our launch titles are Coiling Dragon books 2 and 3, ISSTH Book 1, and Desolate Era Book 1.  They'll be Wuxiaworld exclusives for a period of 1 month at a discounted price, after which point we'll be putting them up for sale on Amazon as well.  The reason we're doing this and putting in a Wuxiaworld discount is mainly because we get just 20% of each sale on Amazon, so we would greatly appreciate it if readers bought here first.  Note - site credits can be used for buying audiobooks, another reason to get VIP!  A review section will be coming up for each audiobook as well.  I hope all of you enjoy!

In addition, we have two new books fresh out of sneak peek - Phoenix's Requiem by Qoob, and Immortal Soaring Blade by Rex (who translated Renegade Immortal)!

Phoenix's Requiem is a female-lead reincarnator cultivation tale from Chinese publisher 17k which tells the story of Yun Ruoyan, scion to the noble house of Yun, dies at eighteen, the victim of a treacherous plot that sees her entire family beheaded by imperial decree. When the heavens send her five years back in time, she is once more a girl of thirteen, about to take her first step into ruin. Tempered by experience and granted the wisdom of age, she sidesteps the traps in her path and sees her family and friends for who they truly are. Her goal is to become strong enough to throw off the yokes of family and tradition and avoid the traps she fell into the first time around. For this purpose, she launches herself headfirst into cultivation. With power comes knowledge, secrets she didn't know to seek. The winds of fate swirl around her, stirring up history from millennia past.

Immortal Soaring Blade is a classic cultivation story of a young boy named Zhao Jiuge who accidentally stumbles onto the path of cultivation. This novel has a very refreshing start because the main character is an actual child. He thinks and behaves like what a child his age would rather than some genius who is thinking 10 moves ahead of everyone at  the age of 15. This also applies to the other characters as well. Even geniuses in the end are still children and don’t act like hardened veterans who have gone through decades of life. Our translator, Rex, hopes you all enjoy it as much as he does!